Reasons For The Popularity Of Mobile Gaming Like EA Sports

Reasons For The Popularity Of Mobile Gaming Like EA Sports

The advancement of Mobile technology in today’s world has caused people to carry out their daily life complicated and difficult things into most effortless manner. Be it shopping of clothes, accessories, electrical & electronic gadgets or even buying of grocery, people now prefer to buy everything online. Another addition to this list is the recent evolution of Mobile gaming industry. As people are always connected to their Smartphone, and keeping in mind the busy schedule we live in, gaming has now shifted from playgrounds to living room.

With the ultimate rising of the mobile technology in the digital space, you now don’t have to worry about slow internet connections for enjoying your favourite games as the game developers are now focusing more on designing light-weight games that can be loaded even with 2G data connections. Statistics have shown that with increase in these fast loading games, there is a major increment in the number of mobile game downloads.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Mobile Gaming Like EA Sports

This has made the life of gamers extremely comfortable who now do not need to move out of their houses to feed their gaming spree. They can enjoy their favourite game sitting at home at any time of the day and that too without the need for any companion. These games also acts as a lifesaver for people who get bored easily while waiting or travelling and also helps people in de-stressing from their hectic day.

EA sports is one such mobile gaming brand. Initially, it was created by Electronic arts as a marketing gimmick where they tried to emulate real-life sports networks, but soon grew up to become its own sub-label. It has released many game series such as FIFA, NASCAR, NBA Live, NHL and Madden NFL, where FIFA became its best selling series. Know more about the games by contacting EA Sports Contact Number mentioned on their website.

FIFA (also known as FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football) was the first game in the series that was released by EA sports.

It hyped the football game on quite a higher level and instead of a usual top-down view, it presented the game on an isometric view. The real names of the players are not used and only national teams are being included. The game stayed as number one in the UK charts for full six months and also got 11th rank in the Top 50 Mega Drive Games of All Time. Find more insights about the game at EA Sports official website. You can also contact EA Sports Contact Number for further information.

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