Choosing the Best Awards For Your Players

After a tournament, players are awarded based on their performance on the field. Whether you are thinking about football, basketball, golf, baseball or any other sporting event, it is good to show appreciation to the players by giving prizes. If you are tasked with shopping for a tournament, you will have to know the number of awards that you will be giving out. You also need to know the specific achievements that you will be rewarding. If you have never bought these prizes from sources such as EDCO Awards & Specialties, you may not know what to buy. Here are some of the awards that you should consider giving to your athletes.

Overall winner’s award

This is the award given to the team that emerges victorious in a tournament. It may be a league or a knockout tournament. Regardless of the nature of the competition, there will always be that team that beats the rest for the trophy. Usually, this award is given to the team captain on behalf of the entire team. It is the ultimate achievement, and it means that the winning side will be keeping the award until the next competition when they will try to defend it.

Player of the tournament award

This award is given to the player who shows the best performance in a tournament. Although the performance depends on the team, this award is an individual one and, therefore, it is not given to the team. Usually, this is the player who contributes the most to the performance of the team. To select this player, several methods are used. There may be a team of judges who follow the performance of every player during the tournament so that they can see who the best was. In some cases, the fans are required to vote through the Internet or by text message so that the player who gets the highest number of votes takes the prize.

Top scorer award

This prize is given to the player who scores the highest number of points. For instance, at the football world cup, the player with the highest number of goals is always rewarded. The same happens in every other tournament including NBA, cricket, golf, and tennis. Sometimes, the players encounter stiff competition and there are times when they tie at the top position meaning that they will either share the award or the judges will use a different method to determine who goes home with the prize. Every game has its rules, and so this may not always be decided the same way.

Fair play award

In every game, there is a player who shows a high level of discipline. Such players are rarely penalized, and they show a great deal of care for the opponents. In football, such players will step back to help others even when they are not from their team. They will show a higher level of maturity and show leadership to their peers. These players are the ones who will step in to separate their peers when a fight ensues. To recognize their contribution to the great game, they are often singled out and awarded for their leadership and direction to others.

Young player of the tournament

Young players often need mentors to grow and become better players. They are the ones who will show up in competition and surprise the people who knew little about them. These players should be recognized for their contribution to the teams for which they play. At the end of every tournament, the performance of these young players is analyzed to see who performed the best. By awarding them, they feel encouraged to play even more and that is how they end up becoming stars in their games. Every team has that young player who shows a lot of potential and resilience.

Many other people get awards at the end of every tournament. For instance, some organizers choose to reward the best coach, the best player in every position, and many others. It is meant to let them know that their performance has impressed the organizers and that they would like them to keep up the excellent work. When buying awards for such tournaments, it is good to look at their value. Make sure that you buy awards that are made from sturdy materials so that they can last long even when they are passed from one team to another.

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