Things That Make Honeymoon Packages In Kerala So Special

Not sure if you know this, but Kerala is among the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India. Newly-weds need privacy, which most popular tourist spots cannot provide, and hence people are turning towards peaceful South Indian cities and hill stations to spend quality time with their better halves. Bestowed with sun-kissed beaches, lush hills and bewitching lakes, Kerala is a small state on the south-western tip of the Indian subcontinent. If you have just tied the knot or your special day is coming soon, then don’t wait and select from the numerous honeymoon packages in Kerala, and start packing your bags. Following are a few things, newly-weds can do during their vacations in Kerala.

Fun-filled Day of Adventurous Activities

Often called ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is the location for numerous thrilling jaunts. If you and your partner are of that taste, then you will fall in love with this state. The expansive Western Ghats provide a brilliant place to go for trekking expeditions. Imagine how romantic it would be, walking hand in hand with your spouse through the lush forests of the mountain range. Embrace them as the cold wind makes them shivery. Not just trekking, but there are several other things you can do here as well. With a coastline of almost 600 km, Kerala allows its visitors to indulge in infinite water-based activities, ranging from windsurfing and parasailing to kayaking and speed boating. For an intimate affair, board a canoe and cruise on the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea.

Things That Make Honeymoon Packages In Kerala So Special

Stay in Shikaras

After you have selected the destination for your honeymoon, the next thing needing attention is the accommodation. You don’t want your honeymoon to be ruined by any substandard hotel. That’s why, Kerala honeymoon packages ensure that tourists stay in the best of rooms, offering ample privacy and comfort. What could be more romantic than spending nights on a shikara, cruising in the placid backwaters of the state! These networks of canals and lakes have been a highlight of Kerala for a long time, and there is no better place than these to witness the true beauty of this place. Just select the package, including shikara stays in its itinerary, and have an experience which you will remember for your lifetime.

Shop to Please your Relatives

When you return from your honeymoon, your relatives are going to be expecting gifts from you apart from the stories. It’s also a great opportunity for you to please them with presents as the shopping scene in Kerala is quite extensive. From high-end malls to weekly flea markets, you can shop wherever you like. Buy an intricate silk saree for your mother-in-law…won’t she just hug you with affection? In the bustling market complexes, you can also buy admirable handicrafts that will remind you of your exciting time here. From coconut shell products to gold and silver jewellery and winsome wall hangings, the local markets have so much to offer.

Turn Your Honeymoon into a Romantic Bollywood Flick

The serenity of Kerala is well known all over the world. Owing to this, the state has become a popular destination for movie shoots. Would you like to imitate the romance king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan during your honeymoon? You have a chance to feel like SRK and Deepika as they romanced here in their Bollywood flick, Chennai Express. If you have seen the movie, then its dazzling locations would have definitely impressed you. Now, it’s your chance to experience these magnificent sights. During your honeymoon holidays in Kerala,make it a point to visit Munnar, and the location will itself bring out the romancer in you.

As you show your relatives and friends pictures of your honeymoon, they will not be able to guess if you spent your time in Kerala or went abroad.

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