A Guide To Scaffolding Terminology Commonly Used For Online Buying

Scaffoldings have evolved a lot from the ancient times when wood was the only material used for its construction. Metals have replaced wood in the construction of scaffoldings and its components except that wood is still used in places where platforms are laid. The looks of scaffoldings have also undergone complete change from the times when it was used in ancient Greece. If these changes are the result of advancement in technology, the same is manifested in the way scaffoldings are sold in the market.

You will now find scaffolding for sale online and it is possible to shop from the comfort of your home or office. Since scaffoldings are technical items and when buying online you have to do your own selection, it is important to be familiar with the products and components so that you can make the right choice.  Being computer savvy and having product knowledge is essential for proper online search to locate the right products. Some basic information about scaffolding components can be useful for online buying and will make you comfortable with the terminology of the trade.

A Guide To Scaffolding Terminology Commonly Used For Online Buying

Scaffolding Tubes

Scaffoldings are assembled from tubes with the help of couplers and constitute the main assembly of the tower structure. The tubes are available in varied lengths and are denoted according to the type of use it is meant for.

  • Standards or Uprights – The vertical members of the structure that carry the load and transfers it to the ground is called standards. These are available in groups of four as well as in pairs with the former being used to create the basic scaffold tower and the latter is used for extending the length.
  • Ledgers – The horizontal tubes that connect the vertical pipes are known as ledgers and are available in pairs.
  • Transoms – These are also horizontal pipes and available in pairs but are positioned below the ledgers at right angle.

By considering the specifications of scaffoldings the buyer can work out the plan for assembling it and figure out the maximum area that can be covered.


Couplers are indispensable components of scaffoldings without which it is not possible to erect the structure.  It helps to join one tube member with another and comes in three different categories.

  • Single couplers – Also known as Putlog these are used for joining transoms with ledgers.
  • Double couplers – These are also known as right angle couplers and are used for connecting standards to horizontal tubes.
  • Swivel couplers – These couplers have the ability of being positioned at any angle and are used for load bearing tubes.


Wood and metals like steel and aluminum are common materials that are used for platforms. Platforms are also named as boards or decking by online sellers and come in width not less than 600 mm which is the minimum requirement for safe operation.

In addition to purchasing the basic structural elements mentioned above, base plates, ropes and ladders as well as ties are to be purchased to give more stability to the scaffolding tower.

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