Preparation Before Going On Long Trip On Your Toy Hauler RV

Preparation Before Going On Long Trip On Your Toy Hauler RV


With a single thought of long trip on Toy Hauler RV, we just filled with excitement and thrill. Such long trips give the real enjoyment of life. We just come close to family members and it become life long memorable event. Long trip on Toy Hauler RV, it is something which we can say… AWESOME.

Such trips are for just enjoyment, entertainment, and lots of pleasure. Because of its very nature of long duration, we need almost everything with us, and this is exactly what Toy Hauler RVs are made for. But, if you are going on a long vacation and want a hassle free fun for self and family, then you must prepare the long trip very well upfront. You must cross check everything before leaving from home, because your RV will be your home for next few weeks or even for months.

Preparation Before Going On Long Trip On Your Toy Hauler RV

Though, it is required to check almost everything from nut-bolt to your meal plan, but on the basis of conditions (specifically the age of your RV)  you can take some relaxation. In broad sense, you should cross check and prepare following–

(1) Examine condition of your RV – If it is new, then no worries. But it is old and you know that your RV require examination now and then, so a serious cross check is required. I strongly suggest to take help of technical guys who knows ins and outs of Toy Hauler RVs. But if you think condition of your RV is quite fine and does not require expert’s eye, then you can do cross examination yourself. Following are some hints around which you should do the cross examination —

  • Interior Issues – like leaks, window cranks, cabinets, lights, skylights-vents, etc.
  • Mechanical Issues – Like engine hoses, belts, AC compressor, engine oil leaks, engine water leaks, breaks, exhausts, etc.
  • Generator Issues – Like  its condition, oil leaks, slide out tray, wiring, remote start control etc.
  • Appliances Issues – Like refrigerator, gas stove, gas oven, microwave oven, , furnance, AC-Engine etc.
  • Many Other Issues – Like batteries, fire extinguisher, detectors, racks, security system, tool box, wiring, and many many more.

(2) Make a checklist of camping items– It heavily depends on your activities, your plan to spend your days. You need to carefully plan your whole trip and its activities. Below are some of the items which are everyone needs, so that you can get the idea of items —

First-aid kit, Folding table, Batteries (for gas-leak and smoke detectors, and flashlight), Bedding (fitted bottom sheet, Gloves (both work gloves and disposable ones), Insect repellent, Laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener, Aluminum foil, Baking soda, Extension cords, Maps (even if you have GPS), Outdoor chairs, Portable vacuum cleaner, flat upper sheet, blankets, and mattress cover that fit the beds in your vehicle), Bungee cords, Camera and memory cards, Charcoal grill, charcoal, batteries, and bulbs, Utensils (both cooking and eating), and lighter fluid, Clothes and outerwear suitable to driving and your destination, Tire gauge, Toilet paper, Umbrellas, Resealable plastic bags (varying sizes), Sewing kit, Spare fuses, etc.

And the last and not the least, you must carry cover of your RV. You can find some genuinely high quality toy hauler rv covers at, from whom these small preparation hints are coming from. These covers are very important because of various reasons like protecting your RV from dust (obviously), weather, and to give feeling of safety, for sure.