Saving On Fuel and Money With Turbo kits

turbo kits

A turbo kit can be defined as forced induction for a car.  It uses exhaust gas, spinning a turbine and the air made through this is sent through an inter cooler, cooling the air. This is sent to the intake, and the air created is sent to the cylinders. Here, the only problem you face is the amount of air. At sea level, the atmospheric pressure is 14.7 PSI and adding more to this can cause stress to the engine. Checking the make of your car and the engine, you can have modifications so that these turbo kits work well and increase the longevity of your car.

Saving On Fuel and Money With Turbo kits


  1. Knowing the advantages of a turbo engine will help you to make the right decision. Let us talk about the fuel consumption of a turbocharger engine. This is much lower as compared to the naturally aspirated engine of the same power output. This is due to the fact that some exhaust energy which is normally wasted contributes to the efficiency of the engine.  The thermal and frictional losses are less due to volumetric displacement of the turbo engine being low.
  2. The ratio of power to weight is much better as compared to the naturally aspirated engine. It is the kilowatt (power output) to kilograms (engine weight).
  3. The installation space requirement for the turbocharger engine is much smaller as compared to the naturally aspirated engine of similar power output.
  4. A turbocharged engine car requires fewer gear changes and speed loss is less while climbing a hill. This is due to the improvement in the torque characteristic.
  5. The performance of a turbo charged engine on a high altitude is better. The low pressure at high altitudes causes a loss of power that is naturally aspirated engine. Compared to this, the performance of the turbo engine tends to improve at an altitude because of the difference in pressure between the constant upstream of pressure of the turbine and the lower pressure at the outlet. The density at the inlet of the compressor is equalized, saving the engine from any power loss.
  6. The sound radiating surface of a turbocharger engine is smaller due to the overall size being reduced. This helps it in being less noisy as compared to the naturally aspirated engine with an output which is identical. The turbochargers seem to act like a silencer.

Choosing the Right Turbo Kit

You need to establish the right power target in order to decide on the turbo charger which is appropriate for your vehicle.  Turbochargers are sized according to how much air can be delivered, and the airflow being proportional to the engine power, it is realistic to get a proper horsepower goal. This is essential in order to ensure maximum satisfaction and performance. Having a vehicle with mega horse-power is a dream for many, but beyond a limit which is reasonable as the power goes up day-to-day utility, reliability and drivability goes down. Things seem to fall apart and wrong if the output goes up.

Where to Buy Turbo Kits

With the internet taking over, the turbo kits are easily available on many websites. Choosing the right one after having a thorough knowledge of your car, will help you save on fuel and money. You can go through the feedbacks of various customers to gain confidence in your purchase. Turbo kits seem to have made their place in the world of automobile performance products. Knowing the working of the turbo engine you can get your vehicle to perform better for a longer time.

For some more useful information on turbo kits and turbocharger kits, Let’s take a look here.

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