Job And Tattoos – How Tattoos Can Affect The Chances Of Getting A Job

Times have certainly changed but there are still many things that remain same or have the same effect on one’s life. Effect of tattoos on professional life is still as adverse as it was in your parent’s age. Though it is not as strict as it was before, but it still adds some amount of disadvantage during the job search.

Research shows that almost 40% of people from age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo. Let us find out how much are tattoos objectionable in the public and till what extent they can accept it.

The question of credibility: Survey confirms that chances of getting hired in an interview get reduced, if candidates have any visible tattoos. Employers find tattoos inappropriate at the workplace.

Age: Your tattoos and body art gets perceived differently at work with certain age group people. The older people are less tolerant towards tattoos as compared to people from younger age group.

Education: Statistics have shown that more you are educated less likely you will have tattoos. Almost 20% high school students have tattoos engraved and numbers reduce to 10% with Bachelor degree, which further lowers to 8% for people with Master’s and only 3% of Ph.D students have tattoos.

The line of work: People working in agriculture and ranching consist of the highest number of tattooed workers up to 22% followed by workers from Tourism reaching 20% and nearly 16% from media line.

Children: Unsuccessful career due to tattoos have made many parents against it for their coming generation. They do not want their kids to get tattoos, so as to keep them safe from getting rejection at professional front.

Common sense: You cannot ignore your potential of future earning, while getting a tattoo. The decision depends on personal choice but simplest way would be to use common sense. When applying for a job, understand the work culture of the employer. It will vary from one organization to another. Some would be fine while others would be totally against it. Judge the outlook of people and find out if they are conservative, liberal, or tolerant with body art.

How to Take Care

  • One of the easiest things to do is to cover up the tattoos, during working hours. If it cannot be hidden during your interview, you can inquire about the company’s policy. It will give you a straight picture of your chance to get hired or rejected.
  • Keep low key, understand the nature and work culture
  • Do not hide your body art, during the interview. Any surprise at the later stage may not be appreciated if you join them on the first day with a tattoo on your neck.
  • If your tattoos are not visible do not bring up the conversation about them unless the interviewer himself does.

Remember, time is changing rapidly and many big companies do not really care about tattoos and personal appearance anymore. Plus, there are many tattoo removal treatments to get rid of them easily.

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