Is A Gas or Electric Fryer Best For Your Needs?

Is A Gas or Electric Fryer Best For Your Needs?

There is no doubt that the large capacity fryer is a boon to those charged with catering for large volumes of people. Quick, efficient and capable of delivering consistently high-quality fried food, commercial fryers are a genuine necessity; however, they come in various forms and deciding which is best for your organisation can be something of a challenge. Here we look at the pros and cons of gas and electric fryers.

Is A Gas or Electric Fryer Best For Your Needs?


Gas fryers are typically more expensive to install than their electric counterparts, which can be a major consideration if you are setting up your catering operation on a tight budget. That said, despite the cost gap narrowing somewhat, gas remains a cheaper energy source than electricity and a gas fryer might conceivably save you money over the longer term.


A gas fryer will require specialist installation and will need a dedicated gas supply – it can’t just be plugged in like an electric fryer. This can be a time-consuming and expensive procedure. If you want to guarantee a fast start to your catering business, electric might be the better option.

When looking at commercial ovens and fryers from suppliers such as, consider your electricity supply. Is there a maximum usage? If so, you will need to either upgrade it or think about a dual fuel arrangement whereby you use an electric fryer for most of your cooking but use a smaller gas model for quiet times or for frying specific types of food.

Is A Gas or Electric Fryer Best For Your Needs?


A key advantage of the gas fryer is the speed of its heat recovery; in other words, when you put cold or frozen food in the fryer, it will reach optimal heat sooner than with the electric version. This can be critically important when you are catering in high-volume, high-demand environments, such as fish and chip shops, which are once again a big favourite in this country.

Ongoing maintenance

Maintenance is arguably where electric fryers come into their own. They are generally considered easier to clean than gas versions, which can be a major advantage in a busy commercial kitchen. Both need to be safety checked frequently; however, inspecting an electrical installation is a much easier task than examining a gas fryer, which requires the attention of a licensed inspector.

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