Tips on Packing for a Perfect Fishing Trip

When you plan to go for a fishing trip, there are usually two options – go on your personal boat or charter one. Both the options have their own pros and cons and need their own preparations. In simple words, the key is to carry all the essential fishing equipment and other personal things you might need in order to make the trip a success.

Going on your own boat:

This option is usually suitable for pros and experienced fishermen. When you are taking your own boat, the first and foremost thing to make sure is there are enough supplies on the board. These supplies are everything ranging from fishing equipment to things like medicines, ointments, etc.

Chartering a boat:

Renting the available fishing trip boats is a great way to experience deep sea fishing. This is always a great option for beginners, but even experienced fishermen opt for it considering the ease and comfort.

Mostly rental boats, which are given for fishing trips are designed and geared to give beginners as well as experts a perfect experience of fishing. However, you must consider the type of fishing trip you are looking forward to have and then research a charter service accordingly.

Once you are clear about which type of trip you are going on, the second thing is to pack well for the same. Fishing trips in Dubai are not like any other sea vacation. There are specific gears and necessary items, which one must carry while on a fishing trip. Here are a couple of tips of what you must carry:

Necessary fishing gears:

There are numerous species of fish in water and there are plenty of ways to catch them. Therefore, it is ideal to carry gears depending on your game fish as well as fishing conditions.

Some of the basic equipment includes – fishing rod, reel, a tackle box, line and bait. There are a variety of baits available. You can use artificial lures which are particularly easy to use, or you can go for the organic ones like minnows and worms. In order to use the organic bait, you will have to carry hooks, corks, sinkers, and swivels.

Next, fishing gears including hooks and line are different depending on the type of water they are being used. The line and hooks, which are used in freshwater are pretty different from the ones used in saltwater. So, research a lot on the fishing conditions and pick your gears accordingly.

Other items to carry:

Ziploc plastic bag: You are on a boat and at times there is a possibility to get wet. So, carry a Ziploc bag to secure your wallet, phone, cards, etc.

Specific shoes: River rocks are slippery and so is your boat deck. Wearing rubber-soled shoes may help you prevent unwanted injuries in such conditions.

Maps: Knowing where you are all the time is always comforting. If it’s a small trip going ahead without a map is fine, but for longer and complicated trips, it is ideal to always track your route.

Medications and safety gears: Necessary medications along with some suitable pain killers and a first aid box are essential to carry. Also, you might want to carry – polarized sun glasses, sunscreen, a hat, etc.

Fishing trip is a memorable experience and to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest, it is ideal to pack all the necessary things along.

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