All You Need To Know About Changing Your Oil Filter

All You Need To Know About Changing Your Oil Filter

Obviously, the last thing you might be thinking about at any given time is an oil filter, let alone changing it. We all have a lot in our minds that even the most important things are postponed or forgotten all together. However, if your car is to continue performing as it should, changing and choosing proper oil filter is everything. As you drive your car, the engine oil ends up getting dirty.

Oil then picks up the minute debris of dust, dirt and fuel that in case they are not removed make engine parts to begin wearing rapidly than normal. As time passes, the wear becomes too much and parts begin failing and the engine dies or stops running. Of all expensive things in a ride, repairs reign supreme yet you need an oil filter to use in straining dust and dirt from the engine oil if the engine will withstand the next of time.

Essentially, lots of oil filters appear very alike, such as metal cans that have threaded holes with sealing gaskets circling the threads. They might appear similar but the truth is that there are diverse part numbers of an oil filter with every part number created for a certain engine and car.

All You Need To Know About Changing Your Oil Filter

To remove and change the oil filter, you only need to do the following:

o   Start by running the car’s engine

o   drive the vehicle upon two ramps

o   Find the plug for draining oil and lay the oil pan beneath it

o   Using the hand unscrew the plug

o   Ensure the old oil has been drained

o   Oil plug can then be replaced

o   Oil filter currently in use should be removed

o   New filter should be lubricated while screwing it properly using your hand

o   Add new oil

o   As you check for leaks, engine should be running

o   The oil level can then be checked

o   Old filter and old oil should be disposed properly

Important Points to Remember

While the oil filters might appear the same, chances are within the threads there are a number of differences while the gasket might be a bit smaller or a little larger. Through catalogs you can select the proper oil filter ideal for your truck or car. In case you are not that sure about the oil filter you need, the catalog helps you to pinpoint what you are looking for. One of the most important things is ensuring you have bought the proper part number for the model, make and year of the car. If you blindly go for a wrong filter, you can be sure of oil leaks while it is also possible to lose the filter if it falls off. In such scenarios, engine damage takes place. This is why buying a proper filter is critical.

During the oil filter installation, it is always important to check and confirm the old gasket did come out during the removal of the old filter. You should also use a hand to spin the oil filter right into the engine and if it is not easy to spin probably the threads are not well lined up or the wrong filter might be what you have.

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