How Can I Treat A Groin Strain?

A groin strain can be debilitating and uncomfortable, and often puts sports stars and those who are active out of action for a while! A groin strain is caused by the groin muscle being pulled and occurs when the muscles in the inner thigh are stretched beyond capacity. This can result in a small tear that causes swelling and pain, which can be very uncomfortable.

How Can I Treat A Groin Strain?

Causes of groin strain

Before you know how to treat a groin strain, it good to know what causes it. The most common cause is a muscle strain while playing sport or being active. This type of injury often occurs when you suddenly change direction when running, or stopping quickly, thus putting undue pressure on the area.

Sometimes you may mistake the symptoms of a groin strain for a hernia, so it may be a wise idea to seek medical attention if you are not sure.

The RICE method

If you have strained your groin, you can immediately implement the RICE method. This stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Sports stars can take a long time out for a groin strain, and so should you. The more rest you get, the better. When you do feel better, ease yourself back into any physical activity slowly.

How Can I Treat A Groin Strain?

Groin taping

Many athletes find that taping the groin can reduce pain and protect them from further injury. The tape is applied pre-warm up and is worn for the duration of any physical activity. After exercising, tape can also be applied to protect the area and to offer some relief. Dressing appropriately can also help, with football kit suppliers such as offering a range of different options to ensure that you can move freely even when taped up. Restrictive clothing can lead to strains, so properly-fitted kit is essential.

Slow stretching

Stretching slowly can also help you to recover from a groin strain, but you must take it easy and only do a little at a time. Only stretch if you no longer have any swelling and the pain has subsided. You may also find that applying ice to your groin helps a lot. If you are in pain, an anti-inflammatory may make things a little more comfortable; however, beware of tablets that mask the pain as you risk damaging yourself further.

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