Reasons Why Physical Therapy Services May Be Required

Reasons Why Physical Therapy Services May Be Required

It could be that the person is suffering from some kind of debilitating physical conditions, which might leave him/her to be not in a position to function normally. This is where physical therapists are said to play an important role to help such patients to manage and recover from these types of conditions at the earliest and to provide relief from the pain. Physical therapy’s purpose is to assist people suffering from such conditions limiting their functional abilities to carry out their day to day activities.

 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Services May Be Required

How does the Physical Therapist Assist?

The professional make use of different devices and techniques for helping clients to recover their physical strength as well as range of motion, to enhance mobility of the injured body parts, to manage pain, improve posture and manage physically debilitating conditions. They make use of therapeutic devices which may include infrared and ultraviolet lamps, whirlpool baths, EMS machines, ultrasonic machines and electrocare physiotherapy equipments.

What does Physical Therapy Comprise of?

Physical therapy is said to comprise of a therapist, who would assess the ability of the patient to function, monitor motor function, to improve coordination and balance, to increase muscle strength, to improve range of motion, to develop treatment plans at the home or rehabilitation facility, while recording the progress made by the patient. Also, patients are instructed as to how therapeutic medical equipments are to be made use of like crutches and canes, artificial limbs, braces, wheelchairs, etc.

When is Physical Therapy Required?

There are many people who might not be absolutely sure, if physical therapy is required or not. It can be utilized for musculoskeletal or neuromuscular dysfunctions. In case, the following conditions are noticed, then there is definitely a need to avail physical therapy.

  • Chronic diseases like Osteoarthritis and Arthritis: Arthritis means joint inflammation and Osteoarthritis is caused when joint cartilage cover bone ends wear away. Distinct pain is felt and mobility can become difficult.
  • Injuries from sports: Exercise or sports injuries could be due to training related accidents, wrong warm-up procedures, trauma from fall, accidents leading to physical injury.
  • Surgery issues: The patient might need muscle strengthening and conditioning after or before surgery.
  • Chronic pain and fatigue: Fibromyalgia diagnosis is a good example. An aching condition that is characterized by pain in the soft tissue, sleep problems, fatigue and tenderness in some body regions.
  • Mobility or balance problems: Such issues may result from brain condition, head injury, trauma due to accidents.
  • Muscle and sprains injuries: Such injuries could result from fall and slip accidents, recurring motion injuries, as well as other incidents that cause physical injuries. It can also include injured regions as shoulder, arms, feet, knees, hand, wrist, ankles and even neck pain, all of which could be treated by providing physical therapy.
  • Bowel problems or Incontinence due to Abdominal pressure: Specialized physical therapy procedures could be utilized for strengthening pelvic muscles.
  • Lower back pain: It could be resulted from ligament strains, muscle strains, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, etc.

Physical therapy also makes use of non-invasive devices and techniques for promoting healing and to restore proper function. It focuses more upon fitness, health and the patient’s overall well being.

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