How Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Contribute In Pain Management?

How Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Contribute In Pain Management

In recent years, a new form of pain management and treatment has emerged called therapeutic ultrasound or ultrasound therapy. Although first implemented in mid 40’s, only in the past decade or so has it grown in popularity as a form of pain management.

How Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Contribute In Pain Management

How Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Work?

One of the most common ways therapeutic ultrasound is used today is to treat lower back pain. There are many two particular ways to acquire this treatment: first, by visiting the clinic of a physiotherapist who masters in this treatment and second, by utilizing a portable device specifically developed for this treatment.

There are mainly two types of ultrasound therapy available nowadays: thermal and mechanical. Thermal ultrasound therapy mainly relies on using a continual stream of sound waves to heal back pain. On the other hand, mechanical ultrasound therapy relies on utilizing sound pulses to treat a problem.

During an ultrasound therapy, a high-frequency sound wave is generally produced and this creates a deep heat that can reduce pain to the affected tissues. This is a great therapy to help stimulate healing without any irritation and pain. Ultrasound therapy often accelerates metabolism, improve circulation, break of soften scar tissue, reduce chronic inflammation and swelling, eliminate nerve root irritation and at the same time enhances an individual’s natural healing process.

Is this Process Safe?

Therapeutic ultrasound treatment is completely safe and can be used for any patient. Typically, therapeutic ultrasound process lasts between five to ten minutes in length. Also, it is completely painless. The therapy is mainly relies on the utilization of sound waves and is really a form of deep tissue therapy. Not only can therapeutic ultrasound be used to heal chronic lower back pain, but modern ultrasound therapy can be used for treating many health conditions such as arthritis, nerve root irritation and others.

Use of Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment:

Therapeutic ultrasound process is a unique process which is mainly used as a preferred way to surgical options for pain management. Given to the advent of modern therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach agencies, it is also quote convenient for many individuals to use as well. Generally, the ultrasound therapy includes a hand held transducer in conjunction with a gel. They together will allow an ultrasound therapist to treat many different body pains easily at the clinic. Many of these treatments are very affordable and can be obtained any individual, although you should choose a clinic carefully and make sure the clinic you select has good customer reviews and reputation in Newport Beach area.

However, before you visit to an ultrasound therapist’s chamber for treatment, you may need to ask your regular physician for a recommendation and for his/her opinion about the treatment process. Since your regular physician is seeing your health, he/she can better recommend a good ultrasound therapist that best suits your need.

Regardless of the type of your pain, an ultrasound therapist may be able to more accurately treat your pain condition. They should be able to tell whether your specific pain condition can be treated by using thermal or mechanical therapeutic ultrasound.

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