What’s In The Rice Type, Really?

India is one of the few countries in the world where agriculture rules the roost. Our economy and survival primarily depends on the grains and crops that we grow and distribute to our own citizens and the rest of the world. The delay or excess of monsoon decides how our budget for the forthcoming fiscal year would be. Economy and practicality apart, we associate a lot of sentiments to the plants and crops that we grow. Neem leaves are used in a number of holy rituals and is an excellent source of beauty treatments. Several people in the world cannot spend a single day without having their share of wheat, or more importantly, rice.

Rice is the staple grain of the entire country. People have a large quantity of it on a regularly whereas some have them sporadically. But it would safe to say that every city in our country relies on rice for a good number of reasons. Because this king of grains is so important to us in one way or the other, there are over 40,000 varieties of it available worldwide. Among the top countries that produce rice, some of them are:

  1. Bangaldesh
  2. Various African nations
  3. China
  4. Cambodia
  5. Australia
  6. Indonesia
  7. India

If you think that rice is only small, narrow, and white in colour, then think again. This wonder grain is available in various formats, and some of the most popular types of Indian rice include

  1. Basmati
  2. Champa
  3. Hansraj
  4. Navara
  5. Sona Masuri
  6. Tulaipanji

Basmati Rice

You should make it a point to have at least some of the best premium basmati rice that is available in the market. And why is there special emphasis on this variety? Here are a few reasons why:

What’s In The Rice Type, Really?

  1. Prepare the most delicious dishes with the wrong ingredients and you will literally be left with a sour taste in your mouth, if not a worse taste. But even the simplest dish would taste like a slice of heaven if you use the right ingredients. If you are preparing a largely rice dominant meal or dish, then paying attention to the quality of rice matters, a lot.
  2. Basmati rice, unlike most other varieties of rice, is not stubby, rounded, or medium sized. Even before being cooked, the grains of basmati look more elegant as they are slender and long. After being cooked properly, you will see that the length of the rice has grown a bit and it looks even more appetizing to one and all.
  3. Basmati rice has a unique feature of having a delectable aroma. They say half the hunger is generated from the aroma of good food, and if your intention is to awaken the hunger pangs of your family and guests, then you can do no better than including this sweetly fragrant rie in your menu.

Whether you are making a sweet dish or some spicy biryani, use of the best super premium basmati rice would be a good bet especially if you are preparing meals for a special occasion. Otherwise, these grains are guaranteed to make even a common get-together a special one!

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