7 Tasty Vietnamese Dishes You Have To Try

The taste of Vietnam is stunning and varied. Vietnamese cuisine is beautifully flavoursome with a balance of sweet, sour, salty and hot flavours coming through in every dish. The typical Vietnamese dishes use key ingredients like fish sauce, citrus fruit juice, peanuts, chillies, and cane sugar, to form a delicious and distinctive cuisine that you have to sample, wherever you are in the UK.

Wondering what to try first? Here are some tasty Vietnamese dishes that won’t disappoint.

7 Tasty Vietnamese Dishes You Have To Try

  1. Goi Cuon

This is one of the most famous dishes from Vietnam and it comes in the form of small spring rolls, wrapped in translucent rice paper, filled with a mixture of pork, crab, or shrimp depending on the variation, along with coriander and vegetables. These rolls normally come with spicy peanut dipping sauce to complete the gastronomic experience, and are suitable for a starter as well as a light main meal.

  1. Bahn Mi

Another popular and famous Vietnamese staple, Bahn mi, available from vieteat.co.uk, is a bread baguette roll filled with a choice of meat, such as pork, pate, chicken etc., as well as omelette, greens, herbs, and sauce. This is a true classic from Vietnam and it makes the perfect lunch dish.

  1. Pho

This is the classic national dish of Vietnam – pho is a bowl of noodle soup flavoured by boiling beef bones for many hours, including meat, fish, ginger, coriander, herbs, onions, noodles, and more. Pho is ideal for lunch but also makes a perfect evening meal with its exquisite blend of subtle flavours.

  1. Bahn Xeo

These are pancakes made extremely large, filled with meat like pork or shrimp, as well as bean sprouts and fried egg. The pancakes are filled and then fried, plus wrapped in green leaves and then you dip the whole wrap into some sauce before eating.

  1. Bun Cha

This Hanoi speciality is a small barbequed hamburger that is delicately flavoured and served direct from a food stall or street kitchen. The burger pieces are served with noodles and dipping sauce.

  1. Mi Quang

The basic noodle dish is livened up with the addition of tasty items like shrimp, mint, quail eggs, and herbs. You will find different ingredients in this dish depending on where it is made, which means it is always a pleasant surprise to eat it.

  1. Cha Ca

The seafood dish consists of white fish cooked in butter with spring onions, and then served with dill, rice noodles, and crushed peanuts. This is a great dish to demonstrate the importance of seafood in Vietnamese cooking.

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