Keeping Healthy Hair While Swimming

When your child is taking swimming lessons in Douglasville Georgia, one concern you may have is the state of his or her hair. Frequent swimmers sometimes end up with “swimmer’s hair,” which can be damaging and cause hair to dry up due to the chemicals that must be in the water to keep it safe. Pool chemicals, especially chlorine and bromine, can impact the oils and sebum that are naturally in the hair for protection and can leave the cuticle exposed. This loss of oil also makes the hair more susceptible to damage from the sun which can cause breakage.

Keeping Healthy Hair While Swimming

Quick Tips for Hair Protection

  • Wet your child’s hair before he or she gets into the pool. Hair that is already wet is less likely to absorb chemicals from the pool.
  • Tie long hair up to keep it out of the water. A bun or pinned-up ponytail are two good methods.
  • Get your child a swimming cap. These protect both the pool and your child’s hair, and the modern cap is sleek with a close fit to the head. Caps made of silicone will protect your child’s hair during swimming lessons in Douglasville Georgia.
  • Put some conditioner in your child’s hair before he or she gets into the pool and then cover it with a swimming cap. This will protect the hair and condition it during swimming, helping to strengthen it. Make sure you use a conditioner that doesn’t contain oils that are bad for the pool water.
  • If possible, clean your child’s hair with shampoo immediately after swimming.. This will prevent the pool chemicals from drying on the hair and skin. If you can’t shampoo your child’s hair right away after a swim, at least rinse it out with tap water.
  • Regularly condition your child’s hair. Healthier hair is more resistant to the drying effects of pool chemicals, and a good conditioning regimen can go a long way.
  • Use special shampoos that are designed for swimmers. These types of cleansers often contain ingredients to detoxify copper and other metals to prevent discoloration. There are also shampoos to remove chlorine.

Healthy Hair is Key!

The healthier your child’s hair is, the better it will stand up to pool chemicals. Deep condition your child’s hair weekly to help make it stronger and more resistant to breakage.

While your child is spending time learning how to backstroke and improving his or her physical health, make sure you’re paying attention to his or her hair, too! Use the simple tips above to make sure your child’s hair looks and feels just as healthy as his or her body.

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