Tech Dissertation Topics and Ideas For Engineering Students

Tech Dissertation Topics and Ideas for Engineering Students

A tech dissertation must deliver some new concept or must lead to further research and development. The main are consists of an idea on which research can be conducted on engineering or science topics and which is developed to provide new strong concept. A tech dissertation must be concise, focused and address the technicalities at each level of the topic. Moreover, with research it is also expected to provide entire evidence of the research work in research method form. Usually it is difficult to know form where to begin. This article gives you advices around the topics around the tech dissertation uk including, computer science, communication, electronics and sensor technology field.

Tech Dissertation Topics and Ideas For Engineering Students

Electronics & Communications 

  • Optical engineering is a growing field and most communication is carried out on optical fibers. Still there is much room to explore. Here are few ideas.
  • Enhancements in inter-symbol interference in the field of optical communication
  • Investigating several forms of errors in development of equalization method for reducing rate of errors in data transmission
  • Analyzing and improvement in Gaussian Pulse to reduce errors
  • How RFID can help to improve supply chain process?
  • Effect of radiation and soft errors in ICs and electronic devices
  • Designing high speed communication that cut noise effectively
  • Research on spectral sensing for water monitoring and frontier technology for biological, chemical and radiological defense
  • Nano-structured membranes for the purpose of preparative purifying of biopharmaceutical

Sensors Technology

  • Micro sensors are under development for several years and new sensors are being manufactured. Topics include
  • Micro sensors for measuring rate of oil flow in tanks
  • Micro sensors for studying blood pressure
  • Micro sensors for measuring intensity of light
  • Micro sensors for measuring heat generating out of solar panels
  • Research & computation simulation of natural olfactory biosensor
  • Glucose biosensors and their uses in nanotechnology

Computer Science

Information systems and their role in computer science for supporting organizations. MIS is a major issue in organizations and growth of information system is big risk. But, there are various research areas to be explored. Such as

  • How information systems help in maintaining information?
  • How can an organization require ensuring that information system is effectively used for maintaining the efficiency?
  • How learning organization impact development of Information system?
  • Information systems absolutely help in maintaining organization’s information, however how these systems can ensure that they are maintained with sustainability?
  • Investigating and identifying the method to reduce e-waste
  • Researching the methods to develop systems for reducing e-waste
  • Developing systems to measure e-waste

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