An Ultimate Guide That Will Make Your Solar Panel Buying Process A Lot More Easier

An Ultimate Guide That Will Make Your Solar Panel Buying Process A Lot More Easier

With ever increasing energy prices around, many people have switched to a cleaner, eco-friendly, and cost effective way for their energy needs by going for Solar power system. It generates greener energy and insulates the users from the rising prices of energy.

An Ultimate Guide That Will Make Your Solar Panel Buying Process A Lot More Easier

However, there are some important things to know before going for solar panel system installation on your roof. So, let us check them out here!

Different types of Solar panels you need to know about

Before making a final decision, it is always advisable to know all your options well. In case of solar panels too, there are different categories available addressing distinct requirements of the people.

Mono-crystalline solar panels are basically black and are known to have more efficiency as compared to multi-crystalline models that are dark blue in color. The differences between them are generally due to their manufacturing processes of silicon cells in each of them.

Generally, solar panels are composed of many components. The entire performance greatly depends on type of the cell used.

Another type of the solar panel system is IBC (Inter-digitated back contact solar cells). They are sometimes also referred to as contact solar cells. They are normally an alternative to standard solar cells. They have all the electrical contacts on rear of cell instead of the front, so they can achieve high efficiency.

On the other hand, thin film solar cells comprises of thin layered photovoltaic material like cadmium telluride, amorphous solid, and copper-indium-gallium-selenide having a base plate of metal, glass, or any other element. This technology has emerged to be more promising than other types of solar systems.

It is used in many small as well as large applications from building solar power calculators, to integrated PV systems. It has been greatly used in flexible applications as well.

Choosing energy retailer and installer

There are several standards that must be met by both the systems as well as the installers depending on your locality and state. So, you need to look for reputable as well as accredited solar installers in San Diego to get the right solar panel system installed.

Ensure that the company has relevant experience, well established track record, good reputation, and specialist expertise. When it comes to warranty, the manufacturer warranties range up to 25 years. It is common for any solar system to last for such long period of time, so go for the installers offering at least guarantee for that duration of time.

There are some common questions you should ask to your potential energy retailer and the installer to make a correct choice and end up getting just the right solar system for you. The following is a basic list.

  • Can you tell me the Feed-In Tariff that you will get?
  • Will you require changing to new meter? If yes, what will it charge?
  • Can you tell me the cost of the electricity that you purchase from retailer?
  • Do you need to pay any extra fees?

To conclude, the above are just a few considerations to take while installing solar power system on your roof. Take care of the above suggestions and you are sure to make a wise choice!

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