The Solar Powered Systems – Tips To Lower The Electricity Bills

You must gain an insight of solar power before choosing the best company. You will never go wrong if you have done the homework well. Here are some important things you must check before installing a good quality system.

The Solar Powered Systems – Tips To Lower The Electricity Bills

Evaluating the Energy Needs

Energy needs of a growing family might vary. However, if you do not have kids or already grown up kids, then your energy costs will remain steady. In order to lower the costs, you can replace incandescent and old fashioned bulbs with solar powered devices. Solar installer will efficiency calculates the planned energy demands.

Most of the solar panels are fitted in the southwest facing direction. The fact is direction of the panel is not an important aspect. Even if you place them in the south, west or southeast, it will show acceptable results.

Will it Increase the Property Tax?

You can be completely relaxed as far as property tax is concerned. There is no need to reassess the property after installing the solar system. Roof additions and constructions increase the chances of reassessment. In most of the states, solar panels have received exemption from property taxes.

Once the installation is done, you have to call the insurance company for necessary policy amendment. The company will increase the property insurance by $10 or so every month. Make sure that you protect the system from fire and other critical damage.

Know More About the Solar Warranties

The manufacturing companies provide two types of solar warranties. Many companies offer warranty on panel and inverters. They will cover the panel for about 25 ears and inverters for more than 10 years. The trustworthy installers provide guarantee of 2- 10 years on the quality of work. They assure that they have made no holes in roof. You must know that these warranties will never cover fire, theft and other critical damage.

On an average, the systems last for more than 30 years. Their efficiency will reduce by 0.5% every year. These systems require minimal maintenance. You have to keep leaves off the system during the fall. Try to switch off the panels during summers to save their efficiency.

Will the Solar Systems Harm the Roof?

Many of you wonder will the panels cause any harm to the roof. If properly installed, then they will never damage the property. In fact, they will protect the area covered by them by harsh weather conditions and heat. You will notice that the rooms beneath the panels are comparatively cooler in summers and warmer during the winters. Hence, you could also save on the cooling and heating costs if the systems are installed in the proper fashion. Choose the right installer to complete the task.

Los Angeles has well experienced and fully qualified professionals. The LA county solar projectswill take care of all the specifications while installing the systems. They will ensure that you do not face any sort of inconvenience. Customers’ satisfaction has always remained their priority. However, you must go through customers’ reviews before finalizing them.

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