Different Types Of Spa

Inside of the Spa concept, has usually encompassed a wide range of facilities that offer different services and accommodation of various kinds. It is important to know the characteristics of each other establishments to choose that type of spa that best suits what you want to do.

Under the concept of Spa they are encompassed many services are often not sufficiently clear to users, who may have only a vague idea of the concept but would not be able to define it clearly. It is therefore appropriate to clarify which services are offered at the Spa. We recommend going by Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan.

Different Types Of Spa

Here are the Main Types of Spa…

  • Urban Spa and Day Spa: Urban Spa is characterized because they are located in urban centers and because, unlike the Spa Hotel, guests spend on them just a few hours a day and not staying with them. Customers flock to urban Spa during or at the end of his career or day during the weekend. The urban Spa is often used as quick treatments of relaxation and stress. In some places they are also known as Day Spa.
  • Spa Hotel: This is a spa located in a hotel and where the Spa is precisely the main hotel services. Given its location in a hotel, the hotel is ideal for Spa and treatments longer, weekly or monthly treatments including health, relaxation or beauty that are longer in time.
  • Spa Destination: This type of Spa aims to offer its customers a global experience, combining a traditional treatment Spa hotel with a company controlled by nutritionists and the advice of a health coach feed. In some places they are also known as a Vocational Hotel Spa.
  • Wellness Spa: They are best known by the name of Wellness Centres and Spas are geared exclusively to improving the health of customers through healthy eating habits and routine.
  • Spa Care: They are also known as Pamper Spas, and are dedicated to offering anti-stress treatments to help its customers combat every day.
  • Therapeutic Spa: This type of Spas offers therapeutic services for the body and mind.
  • Holistic Spa: The Holistic Spa is the most spiritual of the different types of Spas, as it seeks to find a balance in life, offering treatments for the body, but also for the mind and find inner peace.
  • Medical Spa: Spas specializes in the medical treatment of their patients, so they can recover from bone diseases, sports injuries or for them to stay physically fit.
  • Cruise spa: A spa which is located on a cruise, so that passengers can enjoy all the spa services in a relaxed environment offshore.

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