Few Facts That You Should Know Before Taking Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Many people undergo laser treatment for varicose veins where a very highly focused light beam is used to damage the vein. It creates a scar tissue, which closes the vein, and due to loss of blood source, it dies and after few years it may disappear.

Simple laser vein removal Los Angeles treatment is generally done on outside of the skin. The spider veins and varicose veins, which lie under the skin, are generally treated. This requires a number of sessions. Doctors may call you after every 6 to 12 weeks for getting this treatment.

In case you have larger varicose veins in your legs then Endovenous laser treatment will be needed. Doctors will pass a laser fiber through a thin tube in the veins and watch your vein on the screen of duplex ultrasound machine. Laser treatment does not cause much pain as compared to other treatment and its recovery time is also much shorter. You will need light sedative or local anesthesia for this treatment.

What you can expect after the treatment?

Recovery after simple laser treatment is usually short and the patient can walk after the treatment. Most of the patient can join their normal routine activities after taking simple laser treatment. However, if you have undergone endovenous treatment then you need to wear compression stockings for more than a week. Your doctor will examine with the help of duplex ultrasound to ensure whether your veins are closed or not.

Why laser treatment is done?

If you have small spider veins and varicose veins then simple laser treatment will be needed for you. This treatment is usually done after your larger varicose veins are already treated with surgery method, radiofrequency treatment, sclera therapy or endovenous laser treatment.

In case, you need to close larger varicose vein then you must go for endovenous laser treatment in place of taking surgical treatment.

How effective is this treatment?

People have been taking simple laser treatment for more than last 20 years and therefore this method is considered to be quite effective and safe as well.

Endovenous laser treatment is meant for larger varicose veins, where it can close 94 veins out of 100 times and for 6 it does not work. For such veins, you may either go for second treatment or prefer to go for radiofrequency treatment or sclera therapy. Sometimes doctors may recommend vein surgery.

For better success, you must consult those doctors who have more years of experience in endovenous laser treatment.

What are the risks?

Mentioned below are  few side effects of laser treatment:

  • Skin color may change
  • Skin may get burnt
  • There may be feeling of pain, burning or after recovery prickling from nerve damage.
  • There may be large or small blood clotting in the vein.

If your doctor is more experienced then you have lesser chances of having any of the above risks. It is therefore necessary to ask your doctor how often he has seen such side effects after his treatment.

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