Mind Your Gift!

They say that the greatest gift one can give others is the gift of unconditional love and total acceptance. This line is especially true when it comes to expressing out love for someone whom we know who may be flawed in some ways but is a really good person at heart. So, how do you express your feelings for this wonderful person? The person may be a parent or your lover or your spouse of two decades or your partner of six months. The relation and the duration of the relation play little role when the time comes for you to select a truly spectacular gift for this cherished person. Lucky are the people who can give such gifts themselves to their lucky ones themselves. But some people have to rely on options like hamper delivery, pictures or videos or sending gifts through another person. What can you do to make your gifts even more special? You could follow a few gift etiquettes to get your gifting right, every single time.

Mind Your Gift!

1. Your gifts don’t have to cost a leg and an arm. A simple gift which has a lot of relevance to you and the other person would suffice. Sometimes, the other person may be in a better financial position and may gift you very expensive gifts, but if that person is really close to you, he/she would understand your feelings even if you gift something simple, as long as it carries a message of significance to him/her. You don’t have to gift something expensive in return for something expensive you receive!

2. If you have a large number of people who fall under this “special” category and you are thinking of a way to make them all happy without offending them or breaking the bank, then it would be a good idea to get them all together and place some common gifts for all of them under the Christmas tree or the gifts’ table. In this way, you’re telling them they are special to you, but you are also doing so economically.

3. It doesn’t always have to be a big, wrapped box! Gifts can be something as simple as cooking breakfast for your mum who is not well or a paid for al trip for your cousins whom you love a lot. Gestures such as these work as well as gifts and are in fact often appreciated more! So think out of the box the next time you want to gift someone something and don’t always think of gifts that can be boxed!

4. There are people whom you are so familiar with that you don’t really want to “gift” them something. You may be one of those who think that gifts are for strangers or for people who are not as special as that one special person who merits your feelings and trust. But how do you let the other person know this without hurting them? It would be a good idea to suggest some time together him him/her/them and let them know that you’re not doing this to avoid getting them a present but because they warrant something more special from you – your time, presence and personal touch.

A gift is a way you can show how much you care for someone else. If you gift them the right way, even the wrong gift at times becomes their favourite ones!