4 Paintings You MUST HAVE In Your House

I am not the perfect person to tell you about the exact population of this planet, but I am sure that more than the average population on Earth loves art and creativity. It is not necessary for you to be a painter or an artist yourself to appreciate art. In fact, it is said that the uncreative people are the ones that aspire creativity the most. If you are one of those who love art, it is time for you to bring some pieces of art at home.

4 Paintings You MUST HAVE In Your House

I know that oil paintings are pretty expensive and not everybody can afford them. But thanks to the different printing presses out there, you can now have printed copies of some of the most famous and tempting paintings around the globe.

Following are the four paintings that you must have in your house:

1)      A still life painting of fruits or flowers for the kitchen – Let us think about how to beautify the look of the place where majority of the ladies spend their times in – the kitchen. If you have a lovely still life painting of either fruits or flowers or both in the kitchen, nothing like it! If your dining table is in this room of the house, people would appreciate your taste and love for art.

2)      Horses running in water for the living room – When I met this agent to buy properties for investment purposes, he told me to buy and hang a lovely painting of seven horses running in the water, in the living room. I hoped to buy at least two different properties, but then was short of money for the same. However, I could fight that issue thanks to all those positive vibes that this painting got for me.

3)      Nude art for the bathroom – We all know that we get naked when we go for a shower or a bath. If you don’t have kids at your place, you can get a printed copy of a full nude or semi-nude art and hang it on one of the walls of the bathroom to enhance the look of the room. People don’t pay much attention to the bathroom, but if you really want to improve the look of your house, pay attention to every room.

4)      Flowing water painting for the bedroom – It is always good to have a painting of a waterfall or a lovely couple in the bedroom to enhance the relationship between two lovers that share the same room. Avoid hanging a painting that has still water in it since such a painting is not good for the bedrooms.

By Archer Sct

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