What’s Your Way Of Eating Fruits..???

What’s Your Way Of Eating Fruits..

What if some asks your diet plan to have fruits..?? Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the answer comes out to be as “buy fruits, cut them and pop the slices into the mouth…!” Fruits should be taken at the right times to extract better results from them. There isn’t significant awareness regarding this issue. Let’s explore the answers for the questions, how and when to have the fruits..?

What’s Your Way Of Eating Fruits..???

When To Have Fruits….?

Morning Time:

  • Having fruits early in the morning on an empty stomach is highly recommended. You can also eat them in between the meals.
  • At these times, the digestion can take place in a quick time making the sugars present in the fruits to get completely absorbed. A better processing of nutrients and fibres can take place.
  • If you feel like eating fruits just after your meals, it’s a bad idea. You should maintain a time gap of at least 30 minutes after your meals.
  • If you have problems related to diabetes, it is recommended that you should have a time gap of at least one or two hours after meals since the diabetes is closely associated with indigestion.

Workout Sessions:

If you are hitting the gym, then try to consume fruits before or after physical training sessions. Your body can gain immediate energy by the sugars present in the fruits. During the workout sessions, you lose energy reserves of the body. Fruits can help you to regain the lost energy reserves in the body.

Worst Times to Eat Fruits:

  • Never ever eat fruits before you go to bed. It causes a significant change in the blood sugar and insulin levels. Consumption of fruits at this time can give you tough nights. You don’t fall asleep easily.
  • Are you on a diet to lose weight…? Don’t dare to have fruits after lunch…! When you follow this ‘no fruit’ principle after lunch, the body utilizes the reserve fats to generate energy and helps to lose body mass.

How to Take Fruits…??

Only Fruits..!

If you want to have fruits along with your meals, we don’t recommend you to do so..! Have more fruits in a single serve. You can have 3 to 4 servings per day, which can result in an overall quantity of 2 to 3 cups. Despite having fruits in recommended quantities, if you still feel hungry; it means that your regular diet is not on par to meet your requirements. If you wish to mix the fruits with something else, yogurt, salad and cereals are suggested.

Try a Fruit Smoothie

Many people feel comfortable to have fruit smoothies than to eat fruits. You can try to mix the fruits with coconut milk or nut milk, when you prefer to choose a smoothie. However, make sure to add them in smaller proportions. Soy would a best choice to pick from non dairy sources as it doesn’t strain the digestive system.

Incorporating fruits in our diet can fetch us all the required nutrients and help us in fighting diseases. However, if you have no idea of perfect intake methods of fruits, you are inviting trouble..!! Spread the message to your loved ones and help them stay strong. Bring in fruit baskets and present them to all your near and dear ones.

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