5 Reasons Country Clubs Should Be Using Social Media

Country clubs can no longer rely on word of mouth marketing and the assumption that everyone in the vicinity is begging to get in. Here are five reasons country clubs should be using social media and the benefits of doing so.

5 Reasons Country Clubs Should Be Using Social Media

To Shatter Old Misconceptions

There is a common misconception that country clubs are the exclusive purview of old money. This may have been true sixty years ago, but it isn’t true today. You should be using social media to share images of your diverse members, men and women, and members of all groups. You don’t want someone attracted to the aura of luxury and class that comes with the country club membership to stay away because they think it’s too exclusive.

Country club management should also address the myth that the country club only exists for the rich as an expensive status symbol. Share pictures online to show the world your spa, pool, fitness facilities and other amenities and compare the price of membership to the cost of maintaining several other memberships at local water parks, gyms and spas. Let potential members know that a country club membership could save them money over paying a fortune for other venues, while providing more privacy and better security. Inform the public about your parent’s night out program, kids’ golf lessons and other programs that make country club membership a benefit the whole family can enjoy.

To Reach the Younger Generation

The younger generation relies on social media for product information, reviews and recommendations. Word of mouth marketing has morphed into social media updates talking about how great the facilities are. You need to be on social media in order to market to the younger generation just now earning enough to afford the dues, and who will be members for life if you market to them the right way.

You may need to be on social media just to let twenty somethings moving into your neighborhood know that you are literally there. In this regard, a professional social media account on several major social media platforms is essential simply to be found. It has the side benefit of improving your local search engine optimization, since the business name, address and phone number increase the local SEO and rankings of your country club.

To Let Those in Your Area Know What You Offer

Country clubs are infamous for offering golf and little else. Use social media to promote other offerings, whether it is renting out the club for weddings, meetings, conferences or day camps. Let people know about the gym on site. Use social media to advertise the spa available to members, tennis courts, aquatics facilities and other amenities available if they join. Sometimes it is a discovery simply to learn that country clubs have social memberships and athletic facility memberships that appeal to those who don’t play golf.

To Address Club Issues

Social media postings provide an excellent, low cost way to keep everyone informed. You can use social media as an alternative to printed newsletters. You can also use social media platforms to seek public opinion on altering the club’s offerings. Share information on how the facility is maintained, and when things are closed, notify the members about planned events, and provide information about the amenities. This has the side benefit of promoting the country club itself.

To Create a Sense of Community

Most country club members don’t know the rest of their members. By setting up an official social media profile and developing a following, you create a sense of community among members. They will also become more likely to connect with each other and feel that the connections they create at the country club affect them in daily life.

If you run a country club, there is no reason not to have a social media presence.

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