Hit the Links During a Trip to Bellevue Washington

Bellevue, Washington is becoming better and better known for its golf scene. And, as golf is one of the most appealing activities for competitive and casual athletes, alike, it’s drawing more visitors to the area. If you want to play a round, you can hit the links while visiting this city at the Bellevue Golf Course. This amazing location has 18 holes, a driving range, and even offers FootGolf!

Hotels Strategies

Golf is seen as a relaxing sport that’s easy for anyone to pick up. This is true, however, in order to really nail your drive or sink a long put, you’ll need to hone your strength, focus, and accuracy. To help you recharge these skills, you’ll need to get a good night of sleep in a comfortable bed. Choose your hotel wisely.

The Bellevue area has many well-rated hotels. One popular destination is the Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue. This hotel is not only close to the Bellevue Golf Course but offers great amenities, such as a pool and a fitness center for strength training. Another golf-related benefit is that the Hyatt House provides a free breakfast that features tasty items, so you’ll always start each day completely energized.

If you want to tour Bellevue with ease following various rounds of golf, you’ll have convenient opportunities while staying at the Westin. Since this hotel is strategically placed near upscale shopping destinations, you can buy products without traveling very far. The Westin is also a practical spot for tourists because it’s close to great restaurants and entertainment.

Transportation to the Golf Course

You can travel to the golf course, stores, and restaurants by hopping on a bus or by driving a rental car. If you’re staying for just a few days or a weekend, you could also get by with just using an Uber or Lyft.

Bellevue Golf Course Details and Attractions

In order to play a round of golf, you’ll have to buy a proper golf package based on the number of people and how many holes you want to play. In addition to paying for access to play on the course, you will most likely want to take advantage of their equipment rentals. This can get you a golf cart and other items needed to help you play the game. Using the website, you can even book the exact tee time at the course of your choice.

Food Options

Whenever you’re hungry at the Bellevue Golf Course, you can get a meal without traveling far. The Bellevue Golf Course houses the Bellevue Grill, a dining destination in its own right. This room has over 50 seats, and there is enough space for more than 100 guests. It has a full bar, elegant tables, and fancy table cloths, and a patio zone is located outdoors. The menu changes throughout the year, so you’ll have many opportunities to try new items.

Vacation Strategies

Bellevue gets great weather that’s ideal for golf matches. However, in order to stay competitive, you’ll need to arrive on the green properly prepared. Wind, heat, and glare could affect your game, so you should invest in practical golf gear. Common accessories include gloves, a cap, and comfortable golf shoes. 

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