5 Terms and Conditions You Must Verify Before Buying Auto Insurance

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Buying car insurance can be tricky. You often decide and select the best auto insurance for your car, but while making a claim under it, you find that your claim falls under the ‘terms and conditions’ which are excluded from your policy. If this is something which has happened with you, this post will help you in picking the right policy for your car.

5 Terms and Conditions You Must Verify Before Buying Auto Insurance
There are quite a few points that need to be taken into account while buying car insurance. Before signing on the dotted line; it is always advisable that you carefully scan through all the terms and conditions of the contract. Also carefully scan through what is getting covered and what will be excluded from the purview of your insurance policy. This way there are no surprises left when you make an actual claim to your insurance company. Moreover, clauses may be different in different states. For instance, some clauses in the auto insurance in Orangeᄃ County are different than the one in Fullerton. Let us look at some of the important clauses, which the auto insurance you are taking should cover.

Policy with a Comprehensive Coverage

Such insurance policy ensures coverage from any kind of damages; be it attack by an animal as well as force majeure events like hailstones etc. In such a situation, the insurance company takes upon itself to pay for the repairs as well as replacement of any parts if the situation so warrants. In case if the customer has taken the car on lease or loan, then it will be the lender who will receive the claim.

Seek additional ‘Liability Coverage’

Insurance companies, in most of the states in the US, offer a stipulated minimum amount of liability coverage in auto insurance. However, you can also seek for ‘additional liability coverage’ by paying some extra fees. So in this way you can get some additional protection for your car!

Get Coverage for Medical Payments as well for Personal Injuries

The auto insurance policy which is offered in Orange County of the US also offers protection its customers’ coverage in case of medical as well as funeral expenses if any. Thus, in the event of injury to the driver, the insurance company covers all the medical expenses incurred in getting the treatment.

A No-Fault Insurance Policy

Although not every state provides for a ‘no-fault’ clause in your insurance policy, the auto insurance of Orange County provides it to its customers. Under‘no-fault’ insurance, the insurer which in this case will be the insurance company pays for the medical expenses as well as lost wages. This is paid irrespective of the fact as to who was responsible for such an unfortunate accident.

Liability in case of Property Damage

In the case of an accident, if you happen to damage public property like street lights, building or even a house, then this clause makes sure you are covered for all the damages caused to such property as well. The minor exception where such coverage is not allowed is when your own house gets damaged though!

All these are some of the important clauses which you should check before buying auto insurance in Orange County. So the next time you go to buy your car insurance, make sure you get all these clauses incorporated in your auto insurance.

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