Sun Capital Partners Foundation Supported Many Schools To Ensure A Better Future For Children

Sun Capital Partners Foundation was established in the year 2007, 12 years after the Sun Capital Partners Inc., was instituted. Since its inception, it has taken comprehensive efforts to reach out to various organizations which are working day and night to help the people living in distress. The founders of this Sun Capital Partners Foundation Marc J Leder and Rodger R Krouse always believed that with success people should become responsible towards the society. They have to important role to play to better the lives of those people who cannot arrange the basic amenities of life.

It is associated with more than 250 organizations in their worthy and compassionate pursuits. The foundation was created following four definite principles- commitment, integrity, fairness and passion. A committee in the organization looks into all the indigenous matters and ensures that the funding reaches the people in need or used for their benefits. This foundation is also associated with various organizations and charities that work for the students who are deprived and need assistance to study and grow according to their potential.

Sun Capital Partners Foundation Supported Many Schools To Ensure A Better Future For Children

Some of the esteemed organizations with which it is associated are as follows:

l  University Preparatory Academy- It provides all the students with academic, leadership and social skills that will help them in future to graduate from a reputed and higher institution.

l  SOS Children’s Villages -Located in Florida, it is a foster care neighborhood and home to about seventy five boys and girls. All these children are victims of violence and abuse in the past. The vibrant neighborhood, a secure home and a nurturing environment help them to overcome their past fears and become successful.

l  Pine Crest Preparatory School- This organization offers a challenging experience for the students by involving them in various activities. It helps to develop character and leadership qualities of all the students which will prepare them for their future challenges.

l  The Haven- It is a nationally accredited group for the boys within the age of 9 to 17. It is dedicated to providing a safe, stable and loving environment to them and helps in developing self esteem and independence.

l  HANDY- Helping Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth, better known as HANDY serves more than thousand children who are victims of violence, abuse, abandonment. It focuses on their education, youth development and give them a stable future.

All these organizations which play a major role in devising the future of the under privileged children receive support from the foundation. Marc J Leder takes special initiatives to support their good work. Children are the future of society. It is a duty to see, so that every kid who is derived from their rights get a chance to study and live their childhood. The cumulative efforts from all these organizations and support from Sun Capital Partners Foundation gives them an opportunity to these children to forget their past and focus on their shining future.

When every competent person plays a constructive role then no child would be left behind and the dream of giving a safe and secure future to all these innocent souls will become a reality.

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