How Do Car Window Sun Shades Protect You and Your Car

Sun, summer and beautiful weather are finally here. What summer also brings with it is heat. Many people use their cars every day, and, when doing their daily tasks, they have to leave the cars on an outdoor parking lot. This would not be a problem if they could return to a nice, cool and comfy car. But, after leaving your car in the sun for some time the temperature increases incredibly. Did you know that after leaving your car in the sun for a couple of hours, the temperature can go over 50°C degrees? So, in order to avoid getting burned when touching your steering wheel, we recommend you to use car window sun shades. They are mostly cheap, but they provide the optimal protection. Let us tell you how car window sun shades protect you and your car.

How Do Car Window Sun Shades Protect You and Your Car

This simple car window accessory can help you cool your car interior and also protect your dashboard from cracking, fading and even melting. An experiment presented at a science fair showed how do car window sun shades protect your cars. After leaving a car parked outdoors on a hot sunny day, the ‘scientists’ deducted that the temperatures in the car can reach up to 80°C. This is caused by the hot temperature outside the car, lack of ventilation inside the car and also ultraviolet radiation from the sun. These extreme temperatures do not only cause discomfort to the passengers, but also damage the interior of the car. Car window sun shades do not only protect you and your car when driving. They are useful for providing comfort whenever you are going for a ride.

Then, a car window sun shade would be placed. Car sun shades are made to prevent and soak up the sun’s UV rays and harsh heat. Thanks to the car window sun shades, your interior stays undamaged and the cabin also stays cooler. By using car sun shades the temperatures were lowered more than 10°C.

Car window sun shades are made out of special materials. But, all of them have the same role. They are made out of similar material that absorbs the heat and prevents it from spreading inside the care. The heat stays inside the car window sun shade’s plastic, literally trapped.

But, besides choosing the type of a car window sun shade, you should make sure to pick out the right size. Properly-sized car window sun shade will provide the optimal protection from the sun. The size is based on the type and size of your vehicle. Before buying car window sun shades you should measure your vehicle’s windows and prepare yourself.

Besides protection, car window sun shades can make your car look stylish. There are various designs for you to choose from. You can choose the ones that your kid may like, or the one that describes you the best. Whichever type and design of a car window sun shade you choose one thing is for sure; you and your car will be protected from the outside heat.