Why Is Window Washing Important For Your Home?

Why Is Window Washing Important For Your Home

While window cleaning may seem a trivial task for some, it should be considered a job that can tremendously add value to your hose or building. People who object to this task are often the same people who clean their cars, driveways or other parts of their houses daily. If a home needs regular cleaning, then windows are also a part of the house and need cleaning too.

Thus, window cleaning is not only an important part of home maintenance, but it makes your home look as if it was brand new. Here we share some concrete reasons on the importance of window cleaning. Use them as an inspiration to clean your windows or hire a Calgary Window Cleaning service to add value to your home today:

Increase the Durability of the Windows

Repeated exposure to dirt particles can make glass lose its shine, and can result in stains or pigmented areas that help support growth for microorganisms.  This not only severely effects the glass’s transparency, but also makes it vulnerable to extreme fragility and prone to damage. Here are some materials that are the worst enemies of a glass in your windows and makes window cleaning a necessary task:

  • Hard particles
  • Oxidation
  • Acid rain
  • Humid air
  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt particles
  • Air pollution

Why Is Window Washing Important For Your Home

Influence Your Business Sales and Property Price

When you visit a store, what is the first thing you observe? Yes, the outlook and maybe the interior. In fact, many consumers make the buying decision perceiving the credibility of a business based on the outlook of the exterior and interior of a business. One of the major influencing factors on customer perception is the cleanliness of the windows of your store. We may also go as far as to say that dirty windows signify a careless attitude and gives an impression of a non-trustworthy business. Thus, it is extremely important for businesses to keep their windows clean at all times. Moreover, property agents also testify to the fact that dirty windows are a clear sign of distrust and carelessness of a homeowner and so buyers are attracted more towards properties that have shiny and clean windows. Thus, not only are properties with clean windows sold quickly, but they tend to have a higher appraisal price.

Why Is Window Washing Important For Your Home

Decrease Your Heating and Lighting Bill

It is a proven fact that dirty windows change the efficiency of the house to retain heat. Accumulation of dirt on the windows causes UV light from the sun to be reflected and thus, makes it difficult for the sun to heat up the home or office. This can be a considerable nuance in the winter season, when heat costs have skyrocketed and people are trying to save every penny on this cost. Moreover, if you have windows that have a very low absorptivity of heat, the combined effect with dirty windows can make it very difficult for the room to heat up form natural sunlight.  This can greatly affect your heating and lighting costs inside a building.

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