A Simple Guide Explaining Everything About Whiteboards

A Simple Guide Explaining Everything About Whiteboards

Gone are the days when the schools, colleges, and other such educational institutions were using the blackboard or green boards, piece of chalk, duster, etc, for explaining anything. With the introduction of whiteboard, it has become easier for the lecturers and teachers from such institutions to teach without staining their hands from chalk residues.

Whiteboard, from the time they were introduced have become an excellent replacement for the blackboards. These have also been the best and permanent fixtures. These days, the smaller version of these boards is being used in houses and offices, as the board that reminds people of some important things.

A Simple Guide Explaining Everything About Whiteboards


Whiteboards are actually introduced to the world of educational sector in the year 1990. The excess usage of chalk piece had resulted with causing negative effect on the health of the lecturers and teachers. The chalk dust was also proved to be dangerous to the lungs. Hence, every educational institution started looking for the alternative sources.

Whiteboards, when introduced was costlier than the overall cost that was required for the installation of blackboards. Most of the institutions even hesitated in changing their regular board to the custom dry erase board, since the cost for whiteboard marker was also quite higher. As the demand increased, the manufacturers came up with budget friendly pieces, and hence these boards took over the places, where blackboards were once used.

Types of Whiteboards

There are many whiteboard types that are available in markets today, based on the material used for coating the surface. Some are listed below.

  • Enamel of Porcelain on Steel

Whiteboard with enamel of porcelain on steel surface is comparatively more durable than the other types. This type of whiteboard is also considered as the best type of piece that is available. Unlike other surfaces, the board will not get easily scratched or dented, if something accidentally hits on its surface. The requirement of ink is also not necessary in more volumes, since the surface does not absorb the ink from the permanent markers.

  • Melamine

Melamine material is used to coat the surface of some whiteboards that are employed in small sectors. Usually parents buy these boards to help their child practice the formulae, step-by-step mathematic procedures, biology diagrams, etc.

A resin paper that is infused will be employed while coating the surface of such boards. These are considered as the cheapest whiteboard types and are preferred especially for non-commercial applications.

  • Hardcoat Laminate

The whiteboards with hardcoat lamination will be less porous and are stain resistant. The board types are usually employed in such places, where they will be employed for varied performances.

  • Painted Steel or Aluminum

The surface of some custom dry erase boardswill be painted with steel or aluminum. This factor makes the surface comparatively smoother than the other board types. No extra effort is required by the user to either write on them or even white erasing the already written words.

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