A Beginner’s Guide To Fiber Optics Spectrometer System

A Beginner’s Guide To Fiber Optics Spectrometer System

Fiber optics spectroscopy refers to the measurement of light and all its characteristics. A spectroradiometeris used to measure this distinctiveness. The wavelength of light measured falls in Ultraviolet, Infrared, Visible, and NonInfrared category. It measures the parameters like color concentration, color intensity, type of chemical components of the electromagnetic radiation.

There are a vast number of applications of fiber spectrometer. The light analyzing technique can be used to study the deposition of ice on the earth’s surface. With the different shades of ice formed during the years, scientists can predict accurately all the events that have occurred in the past. It can also be used to learn the effect of climate change on the earth’s atmosphere.

Modern compact radio spectrometers are revolutionizing the way light is studied in the laboratories. They are very light weight and can be connected to a PC. The interface on the PC is very simple to use and has a very smooth user interface. The color variations can be studied on a computer and the results can be quantitatively plotted on a graph. This has provided an inside on the properties of light like never before.

A Beginner’s Guide To Fiber Optics Spectrometer System

A spectrometer instrument has various components. The light enters through a slit called entrance slit.  A collimator is used to produce a parallel beam of radiation or rays. Then a dispersive element divides the ray of light into its components. Generally, an element like a prism is used to disperse the rays of light. Then the dispersed light is focused on a plate with the help of a focusing element. Finally, detectors detect all the changes in the light and send signals to the PC. This makes up the whole system of a radio spectrometer.

The spectroradiometersare the lowest price device which can be used to measure the color grading and also has a monochromator.  It has a CCD component which is useful in real time wavelength scanning. The results are provided in real time without any moving parts being used. This is why spectroradiometers have become the preferred choice in many laboratories across the world.

The design of these devices can be altered to suit any laboratory. It consists of reflectance probes that can be used under any conditions. Even if you are facing a shortage of space in your lab, spectrometers can be successfully modified according to your requirements. It has been possible due to the rapid development of electronics in the mid-nineties. Development of optical detectors such as the charged coupled devices and the photodiodes array has been a key in making this technology so cheap and modular today. The research on these devices is an ongoing process and one can hope to have further improvement in spectroradiometer devices.

Photo Research, Inc.is the best name in the field of spectrometer devices. They provide high precision instruments at very reasonable rate. The instruments are certified by various agencies and are used worldwide across leading laboratories.

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