Visit To Bahrain: The Land Of Pearls

Bahrain is among the top tourist destinations in the Middle East hosting thousands of visitors annually. A visit to Bahrain is never enough and tourists long to visit every now and then. This great Kingdom has some of the best attractions such as historic places and an amazing modern Arab culture. The climatic conditions here are generally hot and dry in the summer with low winds blowing from Zagros Mountains creating a perfect sunset breeze. A visit to the land of pearls provides the perfect opportunity to see some of the following magnificent attractions:

Al Khamis Mosque, Tashan

Al Khamis was built in the 7th century in Tashan and is one of the most fascinating historic mosques in this Kingdom. It is a magnificent building with two minarets that stand tall on each corner and it is hard to imagine that most of the material used in its construction is actually wood yet it has lasted for all these years. The length of this mosque is 112 meters and one of its rooms where prayers take place is beautifully constructed with a unique strong roof supported by bold pillars. Visitors are allowed to visit the most all throughout the week except a few hours when prayers are taking place.

Visit To Bahrain: The Land Of Pearls

Tree of Life

Standing tall and strong two kilometres from the town of Jebel al Deckhand is unique tree that is over 500 years old. Locals refer to it as “The Tree of Life” due to its age and the fact that it has surpassed all the harsh climatic desert conditions and human theat. Located in the middle of a desert where there is no any single water source, this tree has got the attention of thousands of visitors who flock here each year It is legacy has seen it being named as one of the 7th wonders of nature.

Jebel AI Dukhan

Jebel AI Dukhan is commonly referred as “Mountain of Smoke”. It is Bahrain’s highest elevated mountain/hill at just 143 meters in height. There are many imprecise caves on this mountain and its environs which are extremely good camping sites. Actually the southern part of this mountain plays host to over 5000 camping groups every year Bahrain National Museum Built back in 1988, this is one Bahrain’s most alluring piece of architect covering the nation’s 6000 year rich history.

Visitors concur that the Bahrain National Museum which is located in Manama is one of the most melodramatic you cannot miss to visit. It hoses a very large collection of galleries, archaeological stuff, halls and restaurants are also available here. AI Areen Wildlife Park This is a sanctuary of its kind which is home to over 100,000 plants of which most are native to the Arabic Peninsula and 500 animal species. The park has two great sections that are present a very intriguing wild tour experience. You will enjoy watching as lions hunt down innocent zebras and gazelles from the comfort of one of the tour buses available. Get Bahrain visas for you and your family now that you have an insight about this beautiful nation and pay a visit soon. Come and explore amazing hidden secrets in the Land of Pearls.

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