What You Should Look For In Kids Eyeglasses

What You Should Look For In Kids Eyeglasses

If you are a parent and are looking for the best eyewear for your little one, you have probably had your fair share of confusion in an optical store. The stores are filled with many eyeglasses suitable for children, but you are yet to see one that you feel best suits your child. So, how do you identify the eyeglasses your child would like to wear and how long they will last?

To start off, if your child needs eyeglasses, chances are that he is farsighted or nearsighted. Depending on the visual correction your child needs, the doctor is going to recommend glasses for either part-time or full wear. There are some kids who will have to take their glasses off when in school while there are others who will need them for everything.

Sometimes, the eye care doctor will even specify the most suitable eyeglass frames for your child. However, most of the time, the parent is the one left to make that decision. In light of this, here are some considerations you should make to avoid confusion the next time you have to buy your child eyewear.

Lens Thickness

Eyeglass prescriptions are the primary considerations when choosing glasses. Even before you start looking for a suitable frame, the first thing to do is consult the optician about the lens. If the prescription requires strong, thick lens, you need to go for the smallest frames you can find. That way, the thickness of the lens will be reduced. Smaller lenses also have fewer risks of distorted or blurred peripheral vision.

What You Should Look For In Kids Eyeglasses

Fashion Forward

Whether the eye glasses prescribed to your child are full-time or part-time, your child will most likely get teased a little because of them. It is, therefore, very important that you avoid frames that will make them feel “less cool”. Luckily, there are nice eyewear frames even for children that will also make them feel fashion forward and not like an outcast. Your child will like wearing his eyewear if they are cool. You can get them nice bamboo eyewear or colorful eyeglasses for your child. You can also choose metal frames or plastic frames depending on your child’s preferences.

The Bridge Fit

This is probably one of the toughest things to look for when choosing eyeglasses for a child. The reason for this is that a child’s nose has not yet developed fully. Therefore, they do not have a bridge that will prevent the frames, especially those made of plastic, from sliding. Metal pads are, however, made with nose pads that are adjustable and thus fit the wearer perfectly. In recognition of this, most manufacturers nowadays make plastic frames for kids that will fit their small nose bridge.

It is quite important that glasses stay in place because the child might start looking over the lens as opposed to pushing the frames back. The best person to judge the most suitable glasses is your optician.

The Temple Style

When getting eyeglasses for your child, it is best to get those that have temples that go all the way to the back of the ear.  That way, the glasses will not fall off your child’s face. These temples are commonly known as “cable temples” and are generally available in metallic frames. If you prefer an alternative, you can go for the straps that go around your child’s head. These types of frames are, however, not good for a part-time eyeglass wearer because they take some time to put on and take off.

The Spring Hinges

One nice feature you should look for in a child’s eyeglasses is the temple that has spring hinges. These are great because they enable the temples to bend outwards from the eyeglass frame and without causing damage. Even though they may be a bit costly, spring hinges are worthwhile especially for a child’s eyewear.

Lens Material

Once you have found the frames your child will like, your next step is considering the lenses. Go for lenses that are made using Trivex or polycarbonate because they are lightweight.

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