Parameters That Can Help You To Select Telemarketing Call Centers

Parameters That Can Help You To Select Telemarketing Call Centers

If you are planning to avail any of the telemarketing call center services for your business then it is quiet important for you to attain basic awareness about telemarketing call centers. It will definitely save your heat from pain and your company from customer and revenue loss. There are certain parameters on which you can judge the quality of services these call center offers.

The best way to analyse the services of call centersis to check the performance of their executive and the quality of customer support they deliver. Let’s check out some of the major call center parameters for evaluating proficient telemarketing call centers.

Parameters That Can Help You To Select Telemarketing Call Centers

Customer Satisfaction Score

This parameter allows you to measure the level of customer satisfaction after purchasing product or service from a company. To evaluate this, different surveys are conducted in which customers are asked to rate their experience. If the result of evaluation comes ‘100’ percent, that means, the customer is completely satisfy, whereas the ‘0’ percent means, the customer is not satisfied at all.


With the help of this parameter you can find out the scope of improvement and provide relevant training modules to improvise the customer support service, for example, if any of the customer demands more information, you can add valuable information in the script.

First Call Resolution

This parameter gives an idea about the number of calls, which resolved the issues of the first time calling customers. Traditionally, it is considered as the primary parameter for selecting the contact centers.


Though in some of the scenarios, expectations of this parameter are difficult to map, but it has reduces process operational and agent bur out costs of several telemarketing call centers.

Rate of Call Abandonment

Due to poor IVRs and the long waiting hours many of the customers drop their calls before connecting with the live executive. You can measure the number of those customers with this parameter. It is measured by the number of abandoned calls divided by inbound calls of the call center.


With the help of this parameter, call centers find out the core reason behind delay in answering the calls of customers, and try to dissolve that. Resultantly, more call will be answered, more customers will be satisfied, and more will be your revenue.

Rate of Escalation

This parameter helps in measuring the proficiency of the frontline executives. In simple words, rate of escalation decide the number of customer queries resolved by an executive without any help of his senior.


With the help of this parameter, the telemarketing call center find out the area of improvement of the executives, and provide relevant training to them. Plus, it also helps in differentiating the weakest or an average team member, who find it difficult to resolve customer complaints.

Adherence of Time of Delivery

This parameter helps the call centers in analyzing the punctuality and quality of the service delivered by their executive in the scheduled time. For instance, if the executive will take more time than the scheduled time to resolve a query, it will ultimately pull back the performance of the entire project.


It helps in controlling the quality and increasing the productivity of the executives. The main concern of this service is to prevent wastage of scheduled time.

Customer effort score

Sometimes, the customers are so adamant that instead of getting their issues resolved as quick as possible, they start shouting at the executive, without hearing any word from him, and ask them to connect with the senior person. In such scenarios, call centers do not consider executives as the faultier for not resolving the query. For this, call centers created customer effort score parameter to prevent the proficiency of the executive from hampering.


The lesser counter questions customers throw on executive, the more satisfied that customer will be considered.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

If the customer is happy with the services he get, after purchasing the product, the chances of his referring that product or service to his friends or acquaintances increases as well. This parameter is to check the likelihood of recommendation and loyalty of customers for the company.


With the analysis of the data collected from the survey, allows the telemarketing call centersto record the triggered responses of the customers that keep them loyal towards a company.

Average Communication Time

The average time taken by an executive to resolve a query includes talking time of the executive, the time for which he put the call on hold, and the time an executive took for taking follow-ups associated with the query.


It helps in finding the scope of improvement to reduce the call handling time. With the average communication time needed, the call center also figure out if more executives are required or not.

Call Quality

In several customer support calls, call center companies notify the customer with a voice-automated message that states, “Your discussion is getting documented for quality purposes”. The telemarketing call centers have a team of experts, who listen and analyse those recording to maintain the quality of the calls.


To reduce errors created by executives and deliver quality services.


While outsourcing call answering services to a telemarketing call center, do not forget to compare different call centers on the above mentioned parameters. It not only saves your money but will also help you to keep check on the services offered by a call center.

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