Making Personal Calls While At Work

As most people now have mobile phones, the problem about making personal calls at work have actually changed. There is no need for employees to use the office telephone to make such calls as they can be contacted either through texts or calls.

Making Personal Calls While At Work

Can’t It Wait?

Know that even if you think that you are talking quietly with someone over the phone in an open office space, your call maybe overheard. If you can wait until break or lunch time to make personal calls, it will be better than letting your co-workers know private information about you. Giving them information will leave them gossiping about you.

Your Ringtone Speaks Volumes

Ring tones are too many these days and what sounds like fun in your house may sound unprofessional and silly at your workplace. Just pick a plain ring or switch your phone to silent or turn on the vibration option for meetings and regular working days.

No Mobile Break

Perhaps you are a person who tends to expect calls all day at work from your friends and family. They don’t have to call you on your phone at work; however, are happy to call or text you on your mobile. In case this is starting to be an issue and you cannot text or call back, consider turning off your phone and let your friends and family know about how you feel.

Reasons for Making Personal Calls at Work

You need to determine why you want to make calls in the first place. If you have a certain issue that needs you to make calls, then do it. If you make long personal calls while at work, you may lack motivation to do your job or respect to the job itself. Even if nobody can overhear you, making personal calls on a regular basis will be noticed by your superior and could get you into trouble. Consider making personal calls during an emergency only and know from your employer the workplaces’ specific definition of an emergency. You can get more tips at

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