Dog Waste Removal – Why It Is Important And How To Do It

To maintain the operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of any property is a challenge for most owners. When you are in a park, city, town or any professional property, the task of keeping it clean becomes very important.

Despite notifying dog owners to keep the area clean and pick up after their dogs, ensuring 100 percent compliance becomes a challenge. This is where a dog waste station comes in and can help to maintain cleanliness.

Dog Waste Removal - Why It Is Important And How To Do It

What does the Law say about it?

Most states have laws that attach the complete responsibility of a dog to its owner. Fines ranging from $20 to $1,000 are common in most states.

Why should you Care?

  • Water Contamination

Water supply can be contaminated by the dog waste, and data shows that animal waste is a major contaminant of the water supply. Pollution control board treats dog waste in par with toxic chemicals and oils. The waste seeps into the ground water and can then infect dogs, animals and even humans.

This could lead to diseases such as cramps, diarrhea, kidney diseases and many other illnesses.

  • Animal to human diseases

The eggs of parasites in dog poops remain there for many years. Any dog coming in contact with that soil while walking or playing can easily be infected. This dog can then pass the disease to humans and is termed as Zoonosis.

  • Risk to Children

There are several other bacteria and infections that remain in the soil after being infected with dog poop. When children play, they put their fingers in the soil, and they then put these fingers inside their mouth or rub their eyes. This could lead to various diseases ranging from mild fever to vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

How should you Manage Dog Waste?

The law requires the dog owners to take complete responsibility of their dogs and clean after their pets. Still it becomes a challenge as not all dog owners are responsible.

So, what is the best way to take care of the cleanliness? It is by providing visual awareness.

Providing dog poop containersat various locations in your property is a very good solution for this problem. A sign indicating the location would not only catch the attention of the dog owners, but that will also show the sense of responsibility of the property owner towards the community.

Let’s evaluate the benefits of poop containers:

  • Ensures cleanliness compliance.
  • Reflects on the sense of responsibility of the owner towards the community.
  • Helps in preventing diseases not only to humans but also to their pets and other animals.
  • Restricts the spread of pre-owned dog owner poop bags in your property.
  • Confines the waste to a specified location.
  • Happy dog owners.
  • A happy community and a happy property owner.

Many property owners charge a small handling fee, which covers the cost of installation of the containers. A board showing how to use the system comes in handy and ensures proper usage of the system. There are different types of containers, which an owner can choose from depending on his requirement. Clean Property means happy community!

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