Where You Protection Is Our Prime Concern!

Where You Protection Is Our Prime Concern!

The importance of body armour is something that everybody knows and it ensures personal protection from blunt force trauma and the likes. The level of protection depends on the choice of armor and these are of different types. These are normally used by people in the military forces or the policemen. These are often worn by VVIPs and the likes who have some kind of security issues and also by personal body guards and security personnel. Bullet proof vests are also a type of body armor. All these are meant to offer you protection and prevent any kind of injuries to sensitive organs present in your body.

Where You Protection Is Our Prime Concern!

We aims at offering a wide range of personal protection equipments and it has its design and development segment located in the UK. Kelvar vest is one of the mostly used personal protection outfit that is used by military men. It is a bullet proof jacket and we boasts of manufacturing their own Kelvar meaning they have the ability to weave Kelvar. Kelvar vests and jackets are made up of several layers and coatings and this reduces the piercing effect of the bullet and saves your life. There are different types of body armors and these works in their own unique ways to reduce any damage to the minimum.

We offers a wide range of products meant for personal protection starting from personal body armor like helmets and vests and bomb blankets to hard armor plates and armor vehicles and a lot more. When it comes to personal protection products, it is really important that an experienced manufacturing company is chosen as it is a matter of life and death. We have many years of experience in manufacturing quality personal protection products and it has its manufacturing facilities spread across the world in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. They offer you a wide range of ballistic, tactical and personal protection product and their team consists of leading and experienced professionals who belong to the defense industry. We are a name that is trusted by many and is offers great quality of customer service as well.

Each and every product manufactured by us is thoroughly tested and the best quality is always assured. Their understanding of special operation environments and the battlefield is unparalleled and you can also take the help of this to choose the best body armour suited for your needs.

Ommy Panchal is currently associated with the www.hardshell.ae, a leading body armour manufacturer company in the world.

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