IR Bullet Camera: Eye Of Outside World

With great enhancement in surveillance technology, these days keeping eye on the things and places that matter to you like workplaces, home, warehouses, etc. is quite easy. You can find bullets camera almost everywhere these days like in parks outside court rooms, outside different public and private spaces. More and more people as well as govt. bodies are realizing the worth of these cameras and following are some points given why you should install a bullet camera outside or even inside of your home or workplace.

IR Bullet Camera: Eye Of Outside World

  • To keep track of what’s happening outside or who is coming and going through the places, bullet camera are specially designed for the sole purpose of surveillance of outer views as they are weather proof and can work in any weather conditions such as rain, humid weather, hot dry sunny day, etc.
  • The bullet cameras installed at street corners actually help in surveillance of that space and it reduces the crime rate of that area as authority can keep a close eye without being Actually present on each and every street. This applies to normal people too, as we cannot always be physically present at work or home. This will help to keep a close eye on everything.
  • They can be both used for indoor and outdoor monitoring. Among all the bullet camera systems, hikvision ir bullet cameras are very popular cameras.
  • Hikvision ir bullet cameras are well equipped with latest technology in cameras which can produce good quality of video feed as they have upraised varifocal cam with easy to use display controls and comes with WDR technology.
  • If some person or thing is in front or in vision of camera and standing under the sunlight, it will be too dark to recognize. WDR technology uses various exposures for different kinds of object to lower its contrast. As a result, it will show clear license plate or a person’s features like face, color of the cloth clearly in strong sunlight.
  • The quality of the bullet camera comes with a price, with actual money price not with some moral kind of price i.e. more expensive the camera is, better is the video quality of the camera.
  • Bullet cameras usually come in small size about 2 to 2.5 inches in length and they have limited focal length.
  • It is used in small spaces; these cameras have 70 degrees vision.
  • That is why Hikvision ir bullet cameras have best shape and contains high quality lens as well as filter, so it can capture best quality of video feed at its price range.
  • Bullet cameras are also known as ‘liptick cameras’ as it offers features like smart focus under high varying weather conditions giving a clear picture.
  • Infrared bullet cameras also use for night vision surveillance to make sure that schools, colleges, work places and homes are secured and safe even at night as video feed can be straightly going to responsible authority.

Armed with so many benefits and features, it is high time to install them for the protection from unscrupulous elements.

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