A Short Girl`s Guide To Anarkali Suits!

Who says that your height restricts you to wear different outfits? You can wear whatever you want to whenever you want. You only have to be careful about how you carry it off. If you are confused then keep on reading.

A Short Girl`s Guide To Anarkali Suits!

If you are short and want to know how you can rock different attires in an anarkali without looking shorter but actually a little taller than what you are, then you must follow this ultimate guide.

1. Don’t keep the anarkali too long. Yes, avoid going to the below knee level length for the anarkali. Try keeping it till the knees or a little above the knees, you don’t want to cover up most of the leg area and make it seem like you have short legs. The key is to either wear floor length or to avoid going beyond the knee level.

2. Don’t have a belt system to divide the anarkali. Most of the women opt for a pattern where in you can make out when the pleats or flares of the anarkali start. You can avoid this and go for a straight pattern where the anarkali just flows from your upper stomach but it is not too prominent. If you are tall enough then you can go for the belt dividing type of style otherwise stick to a straight fit only. It will not only make you look taller but also slimmer.

3. Opt for a straight print. The more different lines or patterns you have on the anarkali kurta, the shorter you will appear. Opt for a pattern that runs through the entire kurta. You can obviously add work around the neck but avoid adding embellishments in between or too much mirror work and all that jazz. If you have a kurta with vertical lines then don’t add a neckline or borders with horizontal lines. You will end up making yourself look quite short this way.

4. Buy a long dupatta! Yes, if you are carrying a dupatta with your anarkali then make sure it is long enough. A short dupatta is a bad idea altogether. A long dupatta kept on the side of the dress will look flattering and give you a tall appearance. These little things also make a difference sometimes to the entire ensemble.

5. Wear heels if you are comfortable in it. If you have already purchased different latest anarkali suits online shopping and have no way to add these designs then simply wear pumps or wedges with the suits. Follow this step only if you are comfortable wearing heels and are not forcefully wearing it. Don’t ever do something to flatter other people, if you are happy with your height then avoid heel shoes and stick to flat sandals.

Other than this, you can also opt for floor length anarkalis but make sure they have a straight fall. Follow this guide to rock anarkalis!

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