Non Stick Fry Pan Vs Stainless Steel

Non Stick Fry Pan Vs Stainless Steel

Fry pans are an essential kitchen aid. They are mostly used on a daily basis. You can choose between non-stick fry pans and stainless steel fry pans to meet your cooking needs.

This is perhaps the ‘hottest’ debates that both professional and home cooks indulge in: non-stick fry pan versus stainless steel frying pans; which one is better. Well, we don’t intend to settle this ongoing debate with just one article! But, what we want you to know are, how the two stack up in terms of quality, endurance, and when cooking a variety of items.

Non Stick Fry Pan Vs Stainless Steel

The difference in material

So, you are going to buy a fry pan. Do you need the expensive non-stick fry pan or a stainless steel fry pan? Well, the answer lies in your requirement. Non-stick fry pans are essentially Teflon coated pans. They are non-sticky and therefore, use less oil in cooking. For the longest period of time, they were touted as the best cooking material to ensure healthy eating. Stainless fry pans on the other hand are not non-stick. They are usually coated with copper or aluminium bottoms that help in spreading heat evenly. They take some time to heat up and are best for searing or deep frying food items.

The difference in cost

If you are going to buy fry pan online, then you need to consider the cost as well. Stainless steel fry pans cost more but they also last more compared to a non-stick fry pan.

What you need the fry for?

If you are looking to buy a fry pan to cook delicate food items such as eggs or pancakes, then a non-stick fry pan is your best option. These fry pans do not burn the food and the food also comes off the surface of the pan easily. But, if you want a fry pan which will lend a ‘hand’ for cooking methods such as deep caramelised onions of fried chicken for biryani, then you should look at getting a stainless steel fry pan.

Maintenance is key

It is a known fact that non-stick fry pans will scratch if you use any other ladles other than the ones that are suggested for use (wooden ladles). This can become a serious health issue as well, because the non-stick coating might leech into the food that you are cooking. Moreover, cleaning non-stick fry pans is a more delicate affair. Do not use steel wool or a heavy hand to clean them. When it comes to stainless steel fry pans, cleaning them can also be a hassle. Overtime, most fry pans change appearance and look ‘browned’. However, stainless steel fry pans are mostly dishwasher safe.

We believe that ideally you should have a couple of fry pans for your daily cooking needs. The non-stick fry pan can be used to make breakfast items such as omelettes and the stainless steel one can be whipped out for more ‘serious’ frying needs. However, if you are going to use the fry pan scantily, then we suggest go for a non-stick fry pan.

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