Can I Take My Rented Car To Oman From Uae For 5 Days Trip?

Do you plan to travel from the United Arab Emirates to Oman on a 5-day trip in your rental car in Muscat? Well, many people normally pose the question on whether they can take their rented car to Oman from UAE for 5 days trip and if possible, which companies allow this to happen. Well, this is an important question worth considering especially when dealing with car rental in Muscat Oman since there are some requirements which you should adhere to if this is to be possible. To begin with, many car rental companies in UAE do allow their customers to drive across the border to Oman but will require an extra insurance to do this.

Can I Take My Rented Car To Oman From Uae For 5 Days Trip?

Having said this, it is worth noting that Oman has some good roads which make it easy to drive around using your car rental in Oman Muscat. You can enter into the country through different border points from the neighbouring UAE but if possible, you should consider routes that have good network in case your car breaks down and are in need of assistance. There are many attractions that you would like to visit while in Oman including the seaside camping areas such as Wadi which is located between Sur and Muscat. You will need to consider 4-wheel drive rental car in Muscat especially if your route is made up of rough roads and terrains.

Car rental in Muscat Oman always provide travellers with a good option compared to taxis which are generally costly and not worth considering. In most cases, cheaper Oman taxis are operated by their owners and will carry other passengers along the way thus denying you of your much needed privacy. To avoid these scenarios, always consider a car rental in Oman Muscat to help you keep your travelling expenses down and guarantee you of your privacy all the way.

What you Need to Drive Rental Car from UAE to Oman

Before driving your rent a car muscat from UAE, it is important to ensure that it is properly insured. Normally, you will need to present your insurance evidence at the border during crossing. Additionally, you will need to pay some cash for a Visa before crossing over from UAE into Oman in a rental car or whatever other means you choose to use. Your passport should also be stamped with the right exit and entry stamps as you cross over from UAE to Oman using your car rental in Oman Muscat. While this is an important step, you should try to be keen to ensure that the border officials do not miss this important part.

As a good advice, it is important to avoid rush hours in Oman as roads can be a bit congested thus making it a bit stressful for you especially if you are new in the area. All in all, with additional insurance coverage from the agent providing you with car rental in Muscat Oman, driving from UAE is always possible and easy. In fact, if you have a Dubai visa, you might not need to worry about a lot of things when crossing the Oman border.