The Efficiency Of Water Jet Cutting Machines

The Efficiency Of Water Jet Cutting Machines

Water jet machines are not new and people have been using them since many years. However, with new improvements in the machines and the new advanced technology being used, these machines are now seen everywhere for its efficiency and productivity. There are various types of water jet machines that we see today and used with precision and perfect results. There are different series so that choosing becomes easy and based according to the application and the different industries that use it. These are highly efficient systems that can handle tough job and work the way it has been made on particular surfaces. Its capabilities are well known and improving technology is providing to be beneficial.

The Versatility

The nature of the water jet is such that it can be used perfectly well for cutting any hard surface of mostly every kind of industry. Some are very delicate materials like marble, granite, tiles, metals, which need careful handling and thus experts to cut it. The systems can easily give you the required sizes and shapes like paper, leather, plastics, rubber, textiles and even food. However, certain hard materials like ceramics or even diamonds will not be cut with water jet cutting machines. The water can however cut various materials from as high as 15 to 18 inches. Water jet machines are available in various pressure capabilities depending on the applications.

The Efficiency Of Water Jet Cutting Machines

How it Works?

The water jet systems use highly pressured water through the jest to cut materials. It is the high level of the pressure that is the main reason why any material can be cut in the required sizes and shapes. The pressure of 60,000 psi only provides accuracy and precision. Besides, the garnett in the system is another element that increases abrasion resulting in precision. The cutter is fitted to the lower part of the machine and connected to the high pressure pump so that water when released is ejected through the nozzle which then cuts the material with additional help of aluminum oxide that helps to speed the process.


Of course when you approach a manufacturer, you look at the price, the total cost of the system. However, it is also important to check the guarantee or warranty that the manufacturer is offering which can go a long way in the working of the system. The design is also important so that you know the perfect application of the machine. The system comes with various elements in it like the axis, structure, cutting accuracy, processing speed, power supply, and many more. There are various models that you get from manufacturers, some are computerized and some are manually done or automatic water jets as well. Semyx alsooffers a wide range of options to choose from. Depending on the application and what exactly is the system being used for determines the model that will provide great efficiency and productivity. Ensure the right kind of maintenance from the manufacturer and also replacement of parts as well.

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