Interesting Eye Shadows Ideas For Brown Eyes

Those females having brown eyes are very lucky it is the only colors which can absorb and gives an attractive look at almost in every eye shadow colors. For eye shadows colors the deepness of the eye matter and took into account while buying eye shadows application the women having brown eyes may use both black and brown eyeliner at the day time brown work better while at night black is perfect.

Interesting Eye Shadows Ideas For Brown Eyes

Eyes of Deep Brown Colors

Medium and dark colors eye shadows works best and perfect for those having dark brown eyes you can also try or use plum charcoal grey and forest green colors for selection of eyeliner color check the light colors in your eyes and apply those whose comes best to your eyes shadow ideas.

Apply dark browns or mauves colors while having darker brown eyes use bronze and gold colors also believe it will give an awesome look.

Medium Brown Eyes

Good news for those who have moderate brown colors eyes they can wear any shades of eye makeup it will give you a good look while for those who have medium to light eye can also use green, bronze and violet colors makeup shadows when neutral shadow is mixed with metallic eyeliner and for evening copper and bronze color will be the best Of eye shadow Ideas.

Eye of Light Brown Colors

Women with light brown colors eyes is suggested to use dark brown and other colors instead of black colors eyeliners. The lid can be shade by a neutral colors while to reflects flecks of colors in your iris add some darker hue of the same shade in the crease and after that apply some gold or green colors line. This will give an appropriate look

Use champagne tone assisted by violet, bronze or brown liner if you have so light color eyes aside from hazel colors eyes.

What happen when Colors Mix Up?

Mixing of colors will help in creating a look of big and bright eyes so mix the dark brown colors with light eye shadow which will gives focus to your eyes and and your big and bright eyes will be formed. Hello listen to me don’t use dark color because it will minimize your eyes look and with brown eyes shadow ideas too dark eye makeup doesn’t look so good so try to avoid it it’s in your favors.

On a very good and spectacular occasion or evening the women with brown eyes should try metallic silver shadow mixed with eyeliner of metallic plum on to the bottom lash line.

The combination really bring out charming brown eyes and with this color combination you will knock him dead.

Final Verdict

Females with brown eyes is considered more lucky than other because they can absorb each and every colors along with different combination but it needs a little knowledge and practice we will provide you the ideas and after that it’s up to you. You can become a master of the eye shadow makeup so don’t wait start practicing now.

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