Tips In Buying Bra and Panty Sets That Will Tempt Your Man

A sexy bra and panty set would not be sexy if it is ill-fitting, sagging and just does not look right. It is important that underwear not only gives support but also gives the confidence you need to face the day. Here are some tips in buying the bra and panty that will spice things up with him.



Get the correct size. This is important because it’s the foundation for every bra and panty to look great on any body type. There will be somebody in the store to assist you in getting your breasts measured and panty size taken. The bra should fit snugly, not too loose and not too tight. Try to move around when you’re fitting so you’ll know how it would be like when you’re in action. The same with the panties, it should fit comfortably as well and not too restrictive to the point of having red marks on the panty lines.

The right material

Comfort is key to looking confident and sexy. It is important to choose the material that you would be most comfortable wearing. You can choose from cotton, silk, lycra and lace. If you want to be the temptress that you are, silk and lace are your best bet.

Be adventurous

Do not limit yourself to classic styles. if you really want to tempt your partner, experiment with different colors and designs. Go with bold colors like reds and hot pinks that’s sure to make his heart race. Show him your fun and wild side for a change.

Spend wisely

If you want long-lasting panty and bra sets that you could look forward to wearing once more in the future, then invest on some expensive sets. They appear brand new every time and the material from which its made makes it sturdy . If you’re sticking to a budget, then there are loads of good-quality made undergarments available for a cheaper price. Also, try to wait for seasonal sales like Valentine’s day to get big discounts on designer lingeries. Now, that is a wise buy.

Proper care

If you have spent a great deal of money on your intimate apparel, then it’s just right to take good care of them too. Wash them manually or you can throw them in the laundry machine as long as you put them inside a nett bag. Most importantly, read label instructions first before you do any of these things.

Buy online

Many women still find it hard to buy their underwear personally. If you find it difficult to do so, buy it online. There are now quite a number of stores where you can do your bra and panty online shopping in India. There a variety of choices and brands for your perusal. All you need to do is place your orders and it will get to you fast because of some store’s express shipping services.

Now, you’re ready to be the seductress with these tips. Never forget to just be yourself and enjoy it with your man. Looking and feeling sexy is a state of mind and you’re lucky if you have the perfect sexy bras and panties to go with it.

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