Could Your Clothing be Affecting Your Health?

Wearing great clothes can help us feel and look our best. However we all have garments that don’t really enhance our mood. Even worse, some clothing choices could be having a negative affect on our health and making us ill.

Could Your Clothing be Affecting Your Health?

What Lies Beneath

Underwear can be both attractive and practical, but the wrong kind can cause problems. Around three quarters of women in the UK do not wear bras that fit them properly. Bras that are too small or do not provide adequate support can lead to all kinds of unpleasant results, from headaches and back pain to breathing problems and sore muscles. A bad bra can even make indigestion worse. Tight underwear, such as thongs and clingy gym clothes such as lycra pants can increase infections and conditions such as cystitis by harbouring bacteria, and even transferring it from one area to another. Underwear made of synthetics can increase clamminess and discomfort too.

Out of Balance

Large handbags have become fashionable, but they are not always good for the posture. The larger the bag, the more stuff that tends to be thrown into it, and this can all add up to a rather heavy item that slung over one arm or shoulder throws the body out of balance and can lead to muscle strain and even nerve damage. Clear out the bag regularly, or invest in a backpack style bag that distributes weight more evenly. High heels are another daily misery many women subject themselves to. It is not a good idea to wear these daily, as they can cause all kind of problems in the feet, legs and back. For more information, see this report from The Guardian.

Could Your Clothing be Affecting Your Health?

Tight trousers and skinny jeans can also cause problems by compressing nerves. Synthetic fibres and what they are dyed with can also rub against the skin and irritate it. Natural cotton fabric that can breathe is generally more comfortable and much healthier. If you’re trying to source some high quality cotton fabric, it’s a good idea to consult experts in the field such as, who have a large range and can give you helpful advice.

Dressing well can take some planning. It also pays to consider how fashion affects wellbeing. Sometimes it may pay to compromise the aesthetic for choices your body will thank you for.

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