5 Ways Holistic Dentistry Is Better Than Traditional Dentistry

5 Ways Holistic Dentistry Is Better Than Traditional Dentistry

If you’re never heard of holistic dentistry that you are far behind the times. Beloved by many and used exclusively by some, holistic dentistry has arrived in a way that few other health fads ever manage to, because it is grounded in fact and reason rather than just a fashion trend that will come and go even quicker than you could ever imagine. Put simply, holistic dentistry is the approach of treating a person as a whole, rather than just studying one of their body in order to diagnose a problem. For example, if a patient came to Dr Paige Woods, a holistic dentist who owns and runs her own dental practice in San Diego, with a severe toothache, then she would not just ignore any other symptoms that they had been having. If she did, she may just think that it was a normal toothache – but by taking the time and the pains to listen to all other physical complaints, she would discover that the patient has also been having migraines, and she would correctly diagnose an infection in the wisdom tooth.

5 Ways Holistic Dentistry Is Better Than Traditional Dentistry

Holistic dentistry always sounds rather fancy, but does that really make it any better than traditional dentistry? We certainly think so, and here are five reasons why you should consider looking for a holistic dentist when you next need a check up appointment:

  1. Holistic dentistry doesn’t miss symptoms

As you can see from the example above, when you are a traditional dentist and you only focus on one part of the body – the mouth – then you can sometimes miss out on important clues to a patient’s health, preventing a completely accurate diagnosis.

  1. Holistic dentistry diagnoses emotionally and scientifically

Not only other physical, but emotional symptoms are something that a holistic dentist is interested in. Teeth grinding in the night may not have cause from a traditional dentist’s point of view, but if a holistic dentist knows that the patient’s job is on the line, that answers more questions.

  1. Holistic dentistry is extra training

One of the mistakes people make about holistic dentistry is thinking that they have less training than traditional dentists, whereas in fact the opposite is true: they have more! They go through the same training as normal dentists, and then add on their holistic training onto that.

  1. Holistic dentistry refuses toxins

A little known fact about holistic dentistry is that any dentist who has been holistically trained, such as Dr Paige Woods, will refuse to use any toxins in their dental practice. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many traditional dentists are still uses mercury for fillings, a known poison.

  1. Holistic dentistry enables change

When you have a consultation with a holistic dentist, they would to help you improve all of your health, not just your dental health. They are interested in your diet, your exercise, your stress levels, and your emotional wellbeing. That is just not something that you get from most dentists.

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