Guide To Setting Up Wireless Printing On Android Tablet

With more and more work being done on tablets and phones these days, setting up wireless printing on Android devices is not just a need it is also a requirement. If you’ve been wondering about how to activate wireless printing on your device then you’ve come to the right place as we tell you easy ways to do the same!

Guide To Setting Up Wireless Printing On Android Tablet

Printing through the Google Cloud Print App:

Wireless printing from Android devices can be done in a variety of ways. Google Cloud Print is an easy way to print from your tablet or phone if you already have the printer setup. A technology that lets you connect your printers to the web, Google Cloud Print can be set up by following this process:

  • A desktop system or notebook with Google Chrome browser will be required.
  • Install the Google Cloud Print App on your Android device which you wish to connect your printer with.
  • Hook your computer system/notebook with the printer that you wish to connect.
  • Log in to your Chrome account, both from your computer system and the Android device.
  • Open Chrome on your computer and select ‘Settings’ option from the menu on the top right.
  • Click- Show Advanced Settings
  • Now sign in to Google Cloud Print by scrolling down to where you find the ‘Google Cloud Print’ tab.
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Select all the printers that you wish to connect to your Android tablet/phone.
  • Whenever you need to print, all you need to do is simply sign in to your Google account and select the printer to access it!

How to Set up Cloud Friendly Printers?

These days most printers boast Bluetooth connections and cloud capabilities. Best selling printer brands like Epson, Lexmark, Hewlett Packard, etc, are manufacturing printers that have an in built connection to the Google Cloud. To use such printers all you need to is download the app for your particular printer on your Android device and thus follow the instructions.

Using Third- Party Apps for Wireless Printing

If your printer does not come with an app for connecting it to your Android device, then a third part app might come handy for your wireless printing needs. This is possible if your printer is equipped with Bluetooth. Before downloading an app from the store, make sure that your Android phone/tablet is compatible with it. Some of the apps that you can easily download from the Chrome Store are:

  • PrintBot
  • PrinterON
  • PrinterShare

Need Samsung Printer Support?

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