3 Tips For Getting More People To Click On Your Health Industry Search Result

In a competitive industry such as health and wellness, getting someone to click on your search result content over someone else’s is a big win. This is especially true if the nature of your health-related business relies on lead generation through SEO or paid search marketing. When this is the case, if searchers aren’t clicking on your content, you’re not getting anywhere. To help you get more traction in the SERPs, here are three tips for getting more people to click on your search result over your competition’s.

3 Tips For Getting More People To Click On Your Health Industry Search Result

The Title Tag Checklist

The title tag is often the first thing a searcher sees when they look at the SERPs. For this reason, having a great title tag that will entice the reader to click while still maintaining your professionalism is vital.

According to Kristine Schachinger of SearchEngineWatch.com, each and every title tag on your website should contain certain aspects she refers to as the title tag checklist. This checklist includes certain SEO aspects like including the right keywords and your company name in the right place, but it also advises regarding length of the title tag and making your title tag relevant. By going over this simple checklist for each of your title tags, you should see greater success with getting your search result clicked on.

Despite What You’ve Heard, Meta Descriptions Matter

While many people familiar with SEO know that search engines like Google have blatantly stated that meta descriptions don’t impact their search ranking algorithms, writing a killer meta description is still crazy important. To help you realize why, Neil Patel tells Search Engine Land that because user behavior is part of the search ranking algorithm and meta descriptions have a huge influence on user behavior and their click through rates, meta descriptions really do affect search rankings in a roundabout way.

When you subscribe to this way of thinking, you will begin to understand the impact a meta description really can have on someone’s choice to click on your search engine result.

Getting the Meta Description Right

Because of the human importance of meta descriptions, it’s important that you get these small areas of text right. Throwing out keyword after keyword into your meta description just won’t work anymore. Kristi Hines and Sean Work of KISSMetrics share that having strong language that inspires users to click and including clear calls to action are two great ways to have better performing meta descriptions. And, as always, it’s best to test various meta descriptions to see which ones have more success.

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee that your search result will get clicked on each time someone sees it, you can boost your chances of getting more clicks from the SERPs by putting in a concerted effort to making your title tags and meta descriptions the best they can be. Use the tips mentioned above to help you find just how much more traffic your website could be getting.

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