Create Your Own Designs With Logistic Label

Create Your Own Designs With Logistic Label

Create Your Own Designs With Logistic LabelOnce you are done setting the parameters of designing, you need to focus on the logistics. There is so much you can do to make your label attractive. First you need to select an A4 sheet that has been divided into the parameters set by you. Now you need to do the encompassing of the different elements you want in the label. There is a tool in this window that will help you set the various parameters for the components you need for your label.

Create The Label

Next you need to provide the warehouse label, and the same text will appear on the label. You can enter texts in the sheet and then various lines to graphically separate the data. In case, your text is not entirely displayed in the window, you can change the parameters once again accordingly. You can also change the size and type of font if you wish. There are so many tools to make sure you get all elements in your Logistic Label.

Add The Details

You can also add the company logo to your label with the help of image tool. Once you have the warehouse label and logo inside your label, you will have to start adding information on the products in your Logistic Label. The first thing you need to enter is the name of the specific product. In the same way, you will have to enter the item group name and the stock level. Then at last towards the end of the label, you have to enter the value of the item. After each of these steps, you need to go to print preview to see the look on your label.